ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW (several) (Cartoons, too)

ABOUT FACES (w/o/c, Tom Kennedy, no close – that’s the SHOW with no           close – Tom Kennedy, thankfully has clothes. Also 1 w/ Ben Alexander w/o/c.)

ACADEMY AWARDS 1974 (***not for trade***)

ACCIDENTAL FAMILY (“Making of A Vegetarian” & “Halloween’s On Us”)



ADAM’S RIB (2 eps – short-lived Blythe Danner/Ken Howard sitcom pilot – “Illegal Aid” and rare 4th episode “Separate Vacations” – for want list items only***)

ADAM-12 (Pilot)

ADDAMS FAMILY (1ST Episode, others, 2 w/o/c, DVD box set)      

ADVENTURE ISLAND (Aussie kid’s show)



ADVENTURES OF DANNY DEE (Kid’s Show, 30 minutes)

ADVENTURES OF HIRAM HOLLIDAY (8 Episodes, 4 w/o/c “Lapidary Wheel”       “Gibraltar Toad,”“ Morocco,” “Homing Pigeon,”  Others without                             commercials –  “Sea Cucumber,” “Hawaiian Hamza,” “Dancing                              Mouse,” & “Wrong Rembrandt”)

ADVENTURES OF LUCKY PUP 1950(rare kid’s show-puppets, 15 mins)

ADVENTURES OF A MODEL (Joanne Dru 1956 Desilu pilot.  Lucy & Desi make    a cameo)                   

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET (Some W/ Commercials W/ Mary Tyler        Moore As “Happy Hotpoint”, Xmas Episodes, “Ricky the Drummer”,                  “Car Mix Up”  w/o/c, and box set from Shout Factory -also 100 episode set from Mill Creek w/o/c, also 1 color ep w/o/c – “Ghost Town”)

ADVENTURES OF TUGBOAT ANNIE (see “Tugboat Annie” – 2 eps)

AKA PABLO (1984 sitcom pilot)

ALAN YOUNG SHOW (His Emmy-winning first series, no” horsing around”)

ALCOA THEATER (“Eddie” w/Mickey Rooney)

ALDRICH FAMILY (“Henreee…..coming mother” – episode about a party invitation)

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (William Shatner pilot)

ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (“Final Arrangements”, “Banquo’s Chair” “Cheney Vase,” and “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”)

AL HADDON’S LAMP (pilot with a young Buddy Ebsen)

ALIAS SMITH AND JONES (3 episodes, including “Stagecoach Seven”)

ALICE (1 episode – if you want more, “kiss my grits”)

ALL ABOUT FACES (game show, 1 episode)

ALL IS FORGIVEN (Bess Armstrong, debut episode w/o/c)

ALL-STAR ALMOST ANYTHING GOES (Busting Loose vs 8 Is Enough w/o/c)

ALL-STAR BLITZ (Peter Marshall)

ALL-STAR SECRETS (game show w/o/c)

ALVIN SHOW (W/Commercials)

AMATEUR’S GUIDE TO LOVE (**embargoed – not for trade**, Gene Rayburn       hosts w/o/c, Michael Landon, Nanette Fabray, Harvey Korman, Marty                 Ingels  guests – episode 1 w/slate)

AMEN (6 episodes, including the “doo wop” episode called “Ernie & the


AMERICAN BANDSTAND (1957 W/Commercials, 1968 Anniversary show        w/o/c,  09/64 Superbs & Ray Peterson, 10/17/65 Jerry Lee Lewis, 2          others from 1964 with  Major Lance and Shirley Ellis, 1 from ‘66  w/Paul Revere/Raiders, 1 from ‘67 w/? & the Mysterians, 1 from 1970 w/o/c)

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (Quiz Show Scandals – sixty minutes long)

AMERICANS (historic drama series)

AMERICAN SCENE MAGAZINE (1963 Xmas show, 30 minutes, Gleason/Fontaine, and 1962 w/o/c episode w/Alice Ghostley)

AMOS & ANDY (Several, Including “Getting Mama Married,” “Andy Plays Santa   Claus,” 2 w/o/c “Leroy’s Suits” and “Arabia”)

ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (1ST Episode, Also Pilot on “Danny Thomas Show” – few eps on DVD)

ANDY’S GANG (Andy Divine, “Twang your magic twanger, Froggy”)

ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW (1962 w/Bette Davis & Debbie Reynolds w/o/c, 1967    ep w/Bobby Darin guest direct from film)

ANGEL (Sixties sitcom, NOT recent show of same name, “Phone Fun” & “Goat Dog” w/o/c,  & “”Voting Can Be Fun, ” “Pilot” & “Easy Touch/”Angel & Con Men,” “”House Guests,” “Honest Man” -13 episodes total, 2 direct from film transfer, & just in,  “Museum” and “Wedding”)

ANGIE (Pescow, Roberts, Hayes all go on “Family Feud”)

ANNA & THE KING (Short-lived sitcom based on “King & I” movie w/Yul              Brynner/Samantha Eggar-1st episode)

ANNIE MCGUIRE (Ill-Fated Mary Tyler Moore “Dramedy”)

ANNIVERSARY GAME (AUDIO only, 1 ep, not for trade***)

ANN JILLIAN SHOW (1st episode-“California Dreamin’”)

ANN SOTHERN SHOW (10 episodes, both casts, including” Lucy Story  


w/o/c,” also see  “Susie/Private Secretary” –  “Katy’s Investment Club”   episode w/o/c for Post Cereals,  “Masquerade Ball,” “Promotion For Johnny,”   “Secret Admirer,” “Operation  Pudney,” “Katy’s New Career,” “Top Executive”   “Road To Health”& “Hasta Luego.”

ANOTHER WORLD (final episode 6/25/99)

ANYBODY CAN PLAY (rare game. George Fenneman makes a poor host, 1 ep)

ANYONE CAN WIN (Al Capp hosts, w/o/c)

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO (Gene Wood game show, w/timing strip)        

ARCHIE BUNKER’S PLACE (1 ep w/o/c 11/30/80)


ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE (zzzzzz semi-game show)

ARNIE(“This Land is My Land” – 2nd season, one from season 2 w/Charles            Nelson Reilly as the chef, and “Trouble in the Air” -1st season, and                  “pilot,” “Let Them Eat Cookie-Xmas Episode,” “Hair Today,” “Friendship           Gap,”  and “Change Lift” )

ARREST & TRIAL (Ben Gazzara, “An Echo of Conscience”+ season 1 DVD set)


ARSENIO HALL SHOW (final talk show episode)



ARTHUR GODFREY TIME (his daytime show w/ Lipton Tea ads)

ARTHUR SMITH SHOW (local Carolina talk show w/Andy Griffith guest)

ART LABOE SHOW 1958 (Bobby Day, Jerry Wallace, The Vogues, fuzzy)

AS CAESAR SEES IT (Sid Caesar Show-variety – 2 episodes)

ASSOCIATES (Martin Short Sitcom, “Elliot’s Deadly Serve”)

AS THE WORLD TURNS (soap, 9/24/61 – see “Our Private World”)


AWAY WE GO (2 episodes, one w/Blossoms girl group, one with Spanky & our    Gang, George Carlin & Buddy Greco host – fuzzy)


BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP (2 eps, 1 w/ uncredited Larroquette and Ritter)

BABY BOOM (3 eps)

BABY GAME (Richard Hayes hosts, 3 full episodes, 1 incomplete)

BABY, I’M BACK (DeMond Wilson – He came back, by popular Demond!!! 1 episode, “Ray’s Trouble”)

BABY MAKES THREE (sitcom pilot)


BACHELOR FATHER (“Crush on Bentley”-with Linda Evans, “Blonde Issue,”

 Bentley & the Brainy Beauty” and “Deck the Halls” & many more, including very rare PILOT aired on GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATER)

BAD NEWS BEARS (1 ep, short-lived sitcom based upon movie, debut ep)

BAFFLE (1 very rare episode with Peter Marshall & Rose Marie ***not for trade**)

BAILEYS OF BALBOA (“Haunted Van,”  “Sam’s Dream” and Raquel   Welch/Michael J. Pollard ep called “Invisible Genius”)

BALL FOUR (2 rare episodes, only for items on my want list)

BAMBOOZLE (Game Show, Bob Hilton, Elaine Joyce, Stuart Pankin)

BANK ON THE STARS (Bill Cullen – this much better than the episode in                Circulation – 7/3/54 w/o/c)

BARBARA STANWYCK SHOW (1 episode, pre-“Big Valley”)


BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (2 eps -“Waiters at the Party” – pilot, and “The Bed”)

BARNEY MILLER (“Landmark 3″)

BARON (color, Steve Forrest)


BATMAN (finale)

BAT MASTERSON (Gene Barry, Episodes “The Fighter,” “Stampede At Tent        City” and 6 others)

BAXTERS (both the local Boston version and the Canadian version)

BEACH PATROL (unsold pilot 1960)

BEANS BAXTER (1 episode)

BEANY & CECIL (A Bob Clampett Cartoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon)

BEARCATS (pilot)


BEAT THE CLOCK (Bud Collyer, several including 1 rare uncirculated         Halloween episode from 1951 w/o/c***not for trade***, 1 1960 ABC               episode, too, & One hosted by Gene Wood nice quality, and two               w/Jack Narz, also one with Monty Hall, and 1 hosted by Win Elliott)

BEAT THE GENIUS (game show pilot w/Art Baker)

BEAT THE ODDS (With Warren Hull, Not Johnny Gilbert – similar to Lingo on        GSN, have 1 with Mike Stokey, 1 with Warren Hull, 1 with Dennis James)

BEDTIME STORIES (Lohman & Barkley game show pilot)

BEECHNUT SHOW (20 minute Dick Clark show w/Rydell, Anka & Sedaka, and    one other with Cozy Cole, Neil Sedaka, Sonny James, Julius LaRosa & The    Roylatones, another with Gary Stites, and clips of The Passions – the latter not for trade***, still another with Rod Lauren IS trade fodder.)

BEE GEES NBC SPECIAL (3/7/79 w/Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson)

BEFORE THEY WERE STARS (host Scott Baio, 1 hour)

BEHIND THE SCENES (unsold 50s sitcom pilot)

BELL TELEPHONE HOUR (“Old-Fashioned Xmas” in color)

BEN CASEY (W/Sam Jaffe, guest star Ed Asner, & 1 “ICE FLOE.”)

BENSON (4 episodes)

BEN VEREEN (March 1978 special)

BETSY (TV movie)

BEST OF THE WEST (1 episode of this under-rated sitcom, “Daniel’s 1st Love”)


BETTER SEX (game show W/Bill Anderson & Sarah Purcell, 2 eps, 1 w/o/c      **NOT 4 TRADE**)

BETTY HUTTON SHOW (a.k.a.  “Goldie,” episodes “Debut – Goldie Crosses the Tracks,” “Cold War,” “Hall Of Justice”, “Gullible Goldie,” “Art For Goldie’s Sake,” and “Roy Runs Away.” )

BETTY WHITE SHOW (Both 1958 Show & 1977 Show of same title – few of each)

BETTY WHITE SHOW (rare NBC 1954 daytime show w/o/c***not for    trade***)                                         

BEULAH (3 Episodes – Ethel Waters, Louise Beavers, Hattie McDaniels.                One (Waters) w/Orig. Commercials)

BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (Several, mostly Black & White, 1 w/o/c “Poor Farmer”   1965, finale “Jethro Returns”)


BEWITCHED (1ST Episode, others mostly Black & White, Including Xmas ep, season 1 dvd)

BIFF BAKER, USA (Alan Hale, Jr. Show, Episode “Blue Mosque”)

BIG ATTACK (a.k.a. “Citizen Soldier”1 Episode)

BIG BEAT (Bobby Darin is guest host, no open nor close)

BIG GAME (rare NBC, w/o/c, Tom Kennedy game show***not for trade*** – a show PETA would never allow on TV today)

BIG JOHN, LITTLE JOHN (2 Episodes, 1 incomplete – both kinda fuzzy)

BIG PAYOFF (Bob Paige game show, 1 ep)

BIG RECORD (Everly Bros. Guest)

BIG SHOWDOWN (Jim Peck falls down the stairs – more like Big FALLdown, also pilot ep)

BIG SPENDERS (pilot hosted by Pat Harrington ***not for trade***)

BIG SURPRISE (Mike Wallace, W/Commercials)

BIG TOP (early fifties circus show sponsored by Sealtest ice cream)

BILL COSBY SHOW (1969 NBC Show, color, 3 eps from CBN, and 1st season on   DVD)

BILL CULLEN SHOW (2 15-minute eps w/Mogan David wine ads)

BILL DANA SHOW(With Jonathan Harris, Later of “Lost in Space,” & Don Adams, 16 Episodes, “The Essay,” “Tonsils for 2,” “Jose’s 4 Amigos,” “Phillips the  Loser,” “We’ll Get You For This,” “Jose The Manager,” “Speak For Yourself,”  “Blood From 2 Turnips,” “What Elephant?,” “Jose On The Ledge,” “Hot Dog Caper,” “Stockholder,” “Hypnotist,” “Band Holdup,” “Tip For Uncle Sam”, “Jose The Matchmaker”)

BILLY (ultra rare Steve Guttenberg sitcom, only one episode aired, w/o/c)

BILLY (short-lived Billy Connolly sitcom – 2 eps.) 

BING CROSBY SHOW (1958 variety show, and 6 eps of 1964 sitcom w/o/c, “A Fine Romance,”  “Exactly like Who?” “Green Couch,” “Driving Test,” “Liberated Woman” & “Here Come the Keefers” with Frankie Avalon)


BINGO AT HOME (Jim Perry hosts – ran on Metromedia stations in US as                   “Moneymakers”.  Canadian game show, late sixties with opening credits.)

BINGO AT HOME (Monty Hall version, Dumont 50’s – show w/o/c incomplete)

BIOGRAPHY (Leiber & Stoller – Brill Building songwriters)

BIRDS OF A FEATHER (game show, ***not for trade***)

BIRTHDAY HOUSE (2 episodes Paul Tripp kid’s show of the sixties, “Hi Mike,”

 “Oom Pa,” and “Time to feed the fish” – black & white, no commercials-nice)

BLACKOUT (Game Show – 1st and last episode)

BLANK CHECK (Art James nice quality – episode # 3, one other)

BLANKETY BLANKS (Bill Cullen, 1 fuzzy ep w/Shatner, also nice pilot w/Soupy Sales, and Last ep AUDIO only)

BLANSKY’S BEAUTIES (Nancy Walker sitcom, “To Nancy W/ Love”)

BLIND DATE (1950 Arlene Francis show, w/o/c)

BLOCKBUSTER w/o/c (game show w/Bill Cullen)

BLONDIE (50’S Version W/Pamela Britton debut episode, and “I Spy”, & 60’s      Version too, color, episodes “Sayonara Dagwood” and 2 others)

BLUE LIGHT (“the Deserters” – Robert Goulet drama)

BLUE SKIES (90s sitcom 1 ep)

BOB (episode 1″Return of Maddog”, short-lived Newhart sitcom, DVD set)

BOB & RAY SHOW (3 X 15 minute shows)

BOBBY DARIN’S AMUSEMENT CO. (fuzzy black and white kinescope with           Dionne Warwick)

BOBBY GOLDSBORO SHOW (guests the Spinners)

BOBBY VINTON SHOW (3 episodes – guests Ted Knight, Arte Johnson, Clifton Davis)


BOB, CAROL, TED & ALICE (Robert Urich & young Jody Foster – based on movie)

BOB CRANE SHOW (Last TV project 3 episodes – “But I Love My Wife” “Midterm Blues”- & another called “Son Of Campus Capers” – the latter w/John Ritter – nice quality, very rare)

BOB CUMMINGS SHOW/LOVE THAT BOB (Several, “Bob Digs Rock & Roll”          W/Commercials,  Others Include “Bob’s Forgotten Fiancee,” “Bob Goes            To The Moon,” “Grandpa’s Buddy,”“Uncle BobBob,”“Bob Becomes Stage Uncle,” “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonda,” “Snowbound” and “the Sheik” – see “NEW Bob Cummings Show”,” My Living Doll” and “My Hero”)


BOB HOPE SPECIALS 12/71 w/o/c (Smokey Robinson, Lee Marvin, Barbara       Eden, 11/29/62 w/Bobby Darin, 9/27/63 w/Streisand, 12/19/77 w         Olivia Newton-John, Perry Como)


BOB NEWHART SHOW (Several, Including Final Episode and 1st episode – also     DVD sets of 1st. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th season)

BOB NEWHART VARIETY SHOW (guest Fess Parker 5/30/62, runs 22 minutes)

BODY LANGUAGE (Tom Kennedy game show, 1 w/slate, Lucille Ball guests,     **NOT 4 TRADE***)

BOLD JOURNEY (one episode)

BOLD ONES (“In Dreams They Run”)

BONES (season 1, 2, 3 DVD set)

BOSTON BLACKIE (1 episode)

BOSTON COMMON (Sitcom Pilot)

BOURBON STREET BEAT (“Woman in the River” with uncredited Mary Tyler Moore)

THE BOYS (90s sitcom 1 ep)

BOYS WILL BE BOYS (revamped “Second Chance” 1980s, 1 ep)

BOZO THE CLOWN SHOW (Has Tracking Trouble – so does Bozo nowadays)



BRADY BUNCH (Davy Jones episode, & Jan’s wig episode – “It’s the story…”

Also finale episode “Hair-Brained Scheme”)

BRAINS AND BRAWN (game show, sports stars, Willie Mays, Jackie Jensen w/o/c)

BRANDED (Chuck Connors, 2 episodes including 1st episode)

BREAKING POINT (1 ep w/o/c, “There Are the Hip/There Are the Square”)

BREAK THE BANK (50’S Version & 70’s Version w/o/c)

BRENNER (w/o/c “Good Friend” and also box set dvd)

BRIAN KEITH SHOW (5 eps – originally called “The Little People” in 1st season, all 5, including ultra rare “Sean, the Dad” episode are from season 2)

BRIDE & GROOM (1 NBC episode, 1 CBS episode)



BRIDGET LOVES BERNIE (2 Episodes, 1st Episode, and one called “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Vatican” – DVD set coming soon)

BRIGHTER DAY (CBS fifties/sixties soap, 2 ep, 1 w/o/c)

BRINGING UP BUDDY (Episodes “Cesare Comes Calling” – nice copy,  and            “The Aunts Have A Baby” – upgraded quality, and 3 other  really NICE episodes              from  films called “The Big Game Hunter,” “Buddy & the Amazon,” and “Poppa’s Eagle.”  FIVE total episodes.  One has sponsor bumps.  Show’s title sounds like a cannibal’s indigestion – “Buddy & the Amazon” – ONLY FOR TRADE FROM MY WANT LIST. )

BROADSIDE (Dick Sargent, Kathy Nolan compete run)

BROKEN ARROW (1 Episode, “Broken Wire”)

BRONCO (episode 1, and one other, John Elway never appeared on this series)

BRONK (“Death with Honor” and “Line Of Fire”)

BROTHERS BRANNAGAN (Steve Dunne syndicated crime drama)

BROTHERS & SISTERS (William Windom 1979 sitcom – 4 episodes)

BROWN FAMILY (sitcom pilot – “what can Brown do for you?”)

BUCCANEERS (1 Episode, Grainy, not set in Tampa Bay, “New Providence”)

BUFFALO BILL (Dabney Coleman critically-acclaimed flop, DVD box set)

BUICK BERLE SHOW (Several with commercials)

BULLSEYE (Jim Lange – 2 episodes)

BUMPER STUMPERS (episode 1 incomplete)

BURKE’S LAW/AMOS BURKE (Gene Barry Original)

BURN NOTICE (season 1, 2, 3 DVD box set)

BURNS & ALLEN (Several,  also see George Burns Show, “Silky Thompson-w/o/c,” “Gracie Thinks She’s Not Married” – w/o/c, “Gracie’s Checking Account”)

BUSTER CRABBE SHOW (a.k.a. “Foreign Legionnaire”)

BUSTER KEATON SHOW (a.k.a. “Life with Buster Keaton”)

BUSTIN’ LOOSE (Jimmie Walker)

BUSTING LOOSE (****Rare Adam Arkin sitcom – have MOST episodes ONLY FOR ITEMS ON MY WANT LIST****including debut episode, many w/o/c – also full cast as guests on MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW)

BUS STOP (1 episode, with Fabian)


CADE’S COUNTY (Glenn Ford/Edgar Buchanan)

CAESAR’S CHALLENGE (1 ep w/o/c Ahmad Rashad game show, + another piece)

CAESAR’S HOUR (Sid Caesar – See “Your Show of Shows”)

CALIFORNIA FEVER (1 episode-hour show)

CALIFORNIANS (w/o/c – Art Fleming ACTS in this series)

CALL MY BLUFF (Bill Leyden game show -**Embargoed – not for trade** – My     favorite item!! – with Don Pardo announcing)

CALUCCI’S DEPARTMENT (rare Sitcom – COULD be trade fodder for certain items on my want list)

CALVIN & THE COLONEL (animated 1961 sitcom, black & white, 3 eps 1 w/o/c,  from creators of Amos & Andy, one closing credits cut.  NOT VERY            politically correct.)

CAMOUFLAGE (2 Episodes W/Commercials, sixties version, one color 1980           remake episode, too with Tom Campbell)

CAMP (1 ep)


CAMPBELL SOUND STAGE (W/Peter Lawford “Mason Dixon Line” sitcom episode w/o/c)           

CAMP RUNAMUCK (6 episodes – “Spiffy Quits,” “Turtle,” “Slaughter,” “Termites,” “Rabbits of the World Unite,” and “Tomboy” with a young Maureen McCormack as Maureen/Charlie)

CANDID CAMERA (9/61 direct from film transfer, guest host Arthur Godfrey, & 1st show ever from 1949)

CAN YOU TOP THIS? (Wink Martindale-hosted joke show, with Promo at end – 2 episodes. One with Paul Winchell tradable, but one with Jerry Van Dyke ***not for trade***)


CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (decoder rings and rich, chocolate Ovaltine)

CAPTAIN NICE (William Daniels, Several, Don Adams sings theme, “Whatever Lola Wants” & debut ep “Man Who Flies Like A Pigeon”)

CAPTAIN VIDEO (1949 w/original Cap’n, Richard Coogan – poor quality, Dumont show – another 2 NICE quality episode just in w/o/c from DUMONT – cheesiest show EVER – poor acting, bad cardboard sets)

CARA WILLIAMS SHOW (Episodes “What TV Shows Does Your Dog Watch” and “Will Success Spoil Cara Wilton?” w/o/c. Also have 24 more ***NOT 4 TRADE**)

CARD SHARKS (Bill Rafferty episode)

CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? (Several Fred Gwynne/Al Lewis Pre-Munsters, “Something Nice for Sol,” “I Won’t Go,” “Change Your Partner,” “Home Sweet Sing Sing” “I Hate Cap’n Block” and “Who’s For Swordfish” – season 1 and 2 DVD boxset, too)


CARSON’S CELLAR (Johnny Carson Local L.A.  Show, 30 mi ns)

CARTER COUNTRY (Victor French Sitcom, 1 nice ep, 8 fuzzy ones)


CASS MALLOY (rare pilot for She’s the Sheriff – for Want List items only ***)

CATCH PHRASE (Art James game)

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (Game Show pilot, Jim Peck, Clifton Davis, Bill Cullen, Anita Gillette, Anne Meara)

CAVALCADE OF STARS (Jackie Gleason Dumont Show 2 episodes, w/                    Commercials, fuzzy)     

CAVANAUGHS (Most of the 26 episodes)



CBS NEWSCAST 1/1/49(Douglas Edwards – full broadcast, 15 mins)

CBS-ON THE AIR (3/26/78 – part one of special)

CBS PLAYHOUSE (2 episodes -“The People Next Door” and 1 other)

CELANESE THEATER (“Yellowjack,” w/o/c)

CELEBRITY BOWLING (Alex Trebek, Jim McKrell bowl)

CELEBRITY DOUBLE TALK (typical cheapo Bob Stewart production)

CELEBRITY GAME (Carl Reiner Prime Time Game Show – 2 episodes – 1 w/Julie  Newmar, Paul Lynde, Ida Lupino & Fabian, another w/o/c w/Levant,

Fabray, Mineo, Rooney, Lee Marvin, Gypsy Rose Lee, Nye, Connie Stevens – also later Bert Parks pilot)

CELEBRITY SOFTBALL GAME (NBC 1967, with Vin Scully, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lewis, Woody Allen, James Garner, Milton Berle, Steve Allen, w/o/c)

CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES (2 eps -final show very nice quality, & fuzzy pilot)

CHAIN LETTER (***black-and-white pilot NOT FOR TRADE***)

CHAIN REACTION ($40K version with Geoff Edwards, from Canada, inc.)


CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (Dennis James game show/talent show, 2 eps w/o/c)

CHARLIE & CO. (short-lived Flip Wilson/Gladys Knight sitcom – pilot ep)

CHARLIE CHAN (“New” Charlie series, J. Carroll Naish)

CHARLES FARRELL SHOW (Dad on My Little Margie goes solo, 2 eps under heading  of “Screen Director’s Playhouse” – “Fashion Show” and “French Love”-nice quality, and nice scenes of old Palm Springs.)

CHARMINGS (“pilot” & “Lillian Loses her Powers”)

CHEATERS (2002 game show pilot, like “Weakest Link,”)



CHECKING IN (rare Marla Gibbs sitcom, 1 episode not for trade**)

CHECKMATE (“Don’t Believe A Word She Says”, and 2 w/Mickey Rooney “Paper    Killer” and “Jungle Castle” – 3 total + season one DVD set)

CHEERS (Cheers 200 – special celebrating 200th episode w/o/c)

CHEVY SHOW (John Raitt, Janet Blair, Edie Adams, Carol Burnett)

CHEYENNE (episode one, and Guest Star Michael Landon on another)

CHICAGO TEDDY BEARS (2 Rare Episodes Black & White direct from film, “Nick’s Sister” & “The Politician”)

CHICAGO 212 (pilot, Chicago crime show)


CHICO & THE MAN (1st Episode – bad Jimmy Komack show)

CHINA SMITH (Dan Duryea)

CHOOSE UP SIDES (Gene Rayburn kid’s game show, Don Pardo announcer, 1        w/o/c)

CHUCK BARRIS RAH RAH SHOW (**embargoed – not for trade**w/timing strip)

CHUN KING CHOW MEIN HOUR (Stan Freberg special-hour later you want to see it again.)

CIMARRON STRIP (Not a stripper show, a western, “Blue Moon Train”)

CIRCUS BOY (2 Episodes w/Mickey Dolenz (Braddock) as Corky)

CISCO KID (Early Color Show)

CITIZEN SOLDIER (a.k.a. “The Big Attack”)

CITY (short-lived Valerie Harper sitcom w/o/c – several)


CLASS OF ’55 (Alan Alda, Louise Lasser unsold Pilot***not for trade)

CLASSIC CONCENTRATION (Trebek w/o/c, 2 episodes, also just got 9/6/88)

CLIMAX (Casino Royale, 1st Appearance of James Bond)

CLUB OASIS        

CODE 3      

COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (Martin & Lewis, Eddie Cantor, several, 1 w/Mike           Wallace announcing from Chicago-Spike Jones hosts)

COLLEGE BOWL (see G.E. College Bowl)

COLONEL HUMPHREY J. FLACK (pilot called “Lady Bluebeard” – Dumont show, and  one other about stolen diamonds – and two more – “Colonel Flack to the       Rescue” and one untitled kinescope – 4 eps total, 1 oddly from 1958, after            show was long gone – don’t know why, do you?)

COLT 45 (1 Episode, “$3000 Bullet,” not related to the malt liquor of same name)

COLUMBO (season 1 set)

COMBAT (Numerous Episodes including “Survival” – 4 total)

COMIC STRIP LIVE (Fox stand-up comedy 1989)

COMING OF AGE (Phyllis Newman, Alan Young, Glynis Johns)

COMMITTED (w/ Tom Poston, “Imaginary Lover” episode w/o/c)

CONCENTRATION (4 Episodes W/Commercials, 1 has timing strip , & 1 W/Jack     Narz, 1 w/Art James hosting 1959 w/o/c***not for trade**, 2 Xmas eps, and just in, final color episode hosted by Bob Clayton!!)

CONDO (yet another short-lived McLean Stevenson show, “The Affair” &

“Condomania” – 2 episodes of this Susan Harris bomb)

CONTRAPTION (Disney Channel kid’s game show, 1 incomplete ep)


CORONET BLUE (“The Rebels”)




COURTSHIP OF EDDIE’S FATHER (Many Episodes, 1 reddish print w/o/c “Eddie’s   Will” , also “Karate Story,” ”Littlest Kidnapper,”“Teacher’s Pet,”  and “Everybody Needs a Brother”- another Jimmy Komack Show – season 1 dvd set)

COWBOY G-MEN (w/Jackie Coogan, “Sawdust Swindle”)

COWBOY IN AFRICA (1 episode w/o/c)

CPO SHARKEY (3 Episodes, Don Rickles “Goodbye Dolly” & “Natalie’s Ultimatum” and 1 w/o/c 4/7/78)

CROSSING JORDAN (season 1 DVD set)

CROSSWITS (Game show w/Jack Clark -1 complete ep with Nipsey Russell, James Hampton & Elaine Joyce, &1 incomplete from orig series, also 1 full 80’s remake w/Kelsey Grammar guest starring)

CROSSWORD GAME (George Fenneman 2 pilots, 1 w/Paul Lynde)

CRUNCH & DES (Forrest Tucker adventure series)

CRUSADER (early Brian Keith, episode called “Expose”)


C SPECIAL (Local D.C. R & B show, Pips, Harmonizing 4, Fawns, Peaches & Herb, Diahann Carroll, Bill Cosby, O.C. Smith, Albert King)

CUSTER (Legend of Custer series – 4 episodes, “The Gauntlet,” “Desperate Mission,”  “War Lance & Saber,” & “Glory Rider” – latter 2 best quality)


DADS (80s sitcom, 1 regular episode, also unaired pilot-diff cast)

DAKOTAS (“Sanctuary at Crystal Springs”)

DAKTARI (5 nice episodes, 1 fuzzy one.  Two have Erin Moran, later Joanie of        Happy Days.  Only show with a cross-eyed lion.)

DALE SENNETT SHOW (Rhode Island Bandstand-ish show)

DAN AUGUST (“Epitaph for a Swinger” – Burt Reynolds color show, QM Prod.)



DANNY KAYE SHOW (variety, 2 ep, and 2 more on Xmas DVD set)

DANNY THOMAS SHOW (1 w/that title w/o/c 1957, & many more from 5th & 6th season set.  See “Make Room For Daddy.”)

DAN RAVEN (Bobby Darin portrays himself in “High Cost Of Fame”)

DANTE (Howard Duff)



DATELINE: EUROPE (aka “Foreign Intrigue”)

DATELINE:HOLLYWOOD (Robert Culp, Suzanne Pleshette, Rona Barrett)

DATE WITH THE ANGELS (Betty White sitcom, Tom Kennedy does ads, also “Xmas Show,” “Diane,” “Gorilla,” “The Feud,” “Surprise,” “Train,” and “Double Trouble” – later morphed into Betty White Show-variety – almost full run)

DATING GAME (one 1969 episode has w/o/c, big old Dating Game kiss                   goodbye…see “New” Dating Game with Jim Lange, also 1 with Elaine Joyce)

DAVEY & GOLIATH (“The Watchdogs” – “duh, gee Davey…”)        



DAY WITH DOODLES (Weaver – short…runs less than 10 minutes)

DEALER’S CHOICE (Jack Clark, fuzzy)

DEAN JONES SHOW (unsold pilot)

DEAN MARTIN SHOW (1958 special w/o/c, debut series 1965)

DEAR PHOEBE (3 eps. Peter Lawford Sitcom, “Mind over Muscle” episode no commercials and no laugh track, and the” XMAS Show

w/o/c and laugh track, and the pilot)

DEATH VALLEY DAYS (w/ Ronald Reagan, “Organ for Brother Brinham”, & Ray Milland hosts “Queen of the High Graders”)



 DEBBIE REYNOLDS SHOW (16 total episodes – some color, some black-and-white prints. “Nothing But The Truth” with Dean Martin cameo, & “The You Bet Your Wife Game Show,” “It’s A Bird It’s A Plane It’s   Debbie,” “That’s Debbie-pilot”, “Mission:Improbable,” and “You   Shouldn’t Be In Pictures,” “Where There’s A Will”)

DECEMBER BRIDE (Spring Byington/Harry Morgan-8 Episodes, including “Mickey Rooney Show,” “Matt Cooks,” “pilot,” “Accident,” “”Golf Lesson,” “Big Game Hunter,” “Muscleman Show,” “Texas Show 1,” “Lily Hires a Maid,” &”Family Quarrel” – see Pete & Gladys)

DECORATOR (Bette Davis Pilot)

DECOY (Beverly Garland, 2 eps)

DEE TIME (Simon Dee hosts, guests The Equals, Wayne Fontana)


DEFINITION (Jim Perry Canadian game show, 1 ep w/o/c)

DELTA HOUSE (3 episodes, based upon “Animal House” film)

DELVECCHIO (Judd Hirsch, pre-Taxi, Bochco cop show with Michael Conrad &        Charles Haid together pre-Hill Street Blues)

DENNIS DAY SHOW (NBC sitcom, aka RCA Victor Show – w/o/c – yellowish, fuzzy print – significant because there’s an uncredited Johnny Carson cameo as Mr. Swanson, & better quality ep w/Charley Weaver – “Charley’s Birthday”)

DENNIS O’KEEFE SHOW(Several Black & White -an ok sitcom, 9 episodes, “It’s       Only Money,” “”Dimples,” “June Thursday,” “Social Climber,” “Marriage                  Anyone?”, “On Stage Sarge”“Go Home Aunt Millie” and two without titles, episode # 17 and # 18)

DENNIS THE MENACE (W/ Karo Syrup Commercials regarding the neighbor’s cat, also episode w/Spring Byington as herself, & that old sitcom chestnut

“Dennis Is a Genius” – “Mr. Willllllllllllllllsonnnnnn” – season 1, 2 and 3 box set, too)

DEPUTY (Henry Fonda, “Return of Simon Frye”)

DIAMOND HEAD GAME (1 episode, Bob Eubanks, love the money booth) 

DIANA (Diana Rigg sitcom, 6 eps including “Gilt Complex” – fuzzy, w/some             commercials – more have turned up, “Kung Who?”, “You Can’t Go Back,”                “Queen for a Night,” “Lady Comes Across,” and “Long Shots & Fat Chances”)


DICK CAVETT SHOW (w/George Harrison, & box set from Shout Factory)      

DICK POWELL SHOW (numerous episodes)                 

DICK SINCLAIR’S POLKA PARADE (L.A. show w/o/c, Tom Kennedy does ads)

DICK TRACY CARTOONS (color, NOT politically correct)

DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (Many, including 1ST, And Pilot “Head of the Family,” 1       W/original commercials & one “Daytime Show” w/o/c, season 1 boxset)


DIFF’RENT STROKES (11/12/86 w/o/c)

DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW (1 w/o/c & timing strip)



DISCO TEEN (only 2 surviving episodes, local NJ music show 1967, Box Tops and Every Mother’s Son appear – hosted by John Zacherlie)

DIVER DAN (2 Episodes – loved this as a kid)

DOBIE GILLIS (see “Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”)

DOC (black & white pilot, MTM sitcom)

DOCTOR I. Q. (One of the assistants is Art Fleming, and another version w/Tom      Kennedy – 2 eps)

DOCTOR KILDARE (Xmas Episode called “Season to be Jolly”, & “Hand That Hurts-Hand That Heals”)

DOLLAR A SECOND (Jan Murray Game Show w/Commercials, 1 w/Dagmar host)

$1.98 BEAUTY SHOW (Rip Taylor, 1 ep)

DOM DELUISE SHOW (variety w/o/c, with the Association, 1 ep)

DOM DELUISE SHOW (1 ep 80s sitcom – has no opening or closing credits)



DONNA REED SHOW (Paul Petersen sings “My Dad,” also Don Drysdale episode      w/Dodgers, Willie Mays episode, Lesley Gore ep, & many others, including “By-Line Jeff Stone,” the final episode with Lesley Gore, season 1,2&3 dvd box set, too, & Xmas episode.

DON RICKLES SHOW (variety show, guest Jim Nabors – Goodson Todman                 Production 1968, very fuzzy)

DON’T CALL ME CHARLIE (4 eps – Rare Sitcom, pilot episode (“Vive Judson McKay”) AND, a regular season episode w/o/c titled “Lorenzo Johnson, DMV Retired”.)

Also, just in, episode # 2, NO VACANCY – very rare**only trade for want list.

DORIS DAY SHOW (4 episodes, 1 from 1968, XMAS episode from 1970, one from    ‘71, and one called “Down but Not Out” w/o/c – and season 1, 2 & 4 on                   DVD)

DOROTHY (Dorothy Loudon sitcom, 4 fuzzy episodes)

DOTTO (Jack Narz Scandal Quiz Show 2 episodes w/o/c, nicer one has timing        strip-and is the episode which made this show part of the quiz show scandal).

DOUBLE DARE (Alex Trebek game show, episode # 1, ***not for trade***, also 1 episode kid’s show of same name)

DOUBLE LIFE OF HENRY PHYFE (3 episodes Red Buttons, “Jailbird Phyfe”, “The      Liquidator” & “Whatever Happened to Yesterday” w/o/c and original                      promo)

DOUGH RE MI (***Gene Rayburn game show NOT FOR TRADE***)


DOWN YOU GO (game show – Bergen Evans, Dumont)

DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE? (2 with Edgar Bergen – Game Show, 2 With Johnny    Carson w/o/c – a.k.a. as “Who do you Trust?”- 2 w/latter title, including               funny episode on which the soundproof booth door gets stuck)

DRAGNET (50’S, 60’S Versions-dum duh dum dum…this is the city….)

DREAM HOUSE (Mike Darrow game show W/Commercials, Pam & Doyle win – and final Eubanks episode)


DREW CAREY SHOW (1 ep w/o/c)

DUDLEY (1 ep of this Dudley Moore sitcom)

DUFFY’S TAVERN (4 Episodes, co-stars Alan Reed, voice of Fred Flintstone, 1          w/o/c, and also the Pilot episode “Grand Opening,” “Archie Gets Engaged,” and “Date For Miss Duffy”)


DUPONT THEATER (“Are Trees People?”)


DUSTY’S TRAIL (2 Episodes, “Tomahawk Territory,” “Danger Stranger” – Bob          Denver/Forrest Tucker)


EAST SIDE/WEST SIDE (“No Hiding Place” w/o/c)


EDDIE CANTOR AT 65 (1/12/57 w/o/c)

EDDIE FISHER COKE TIME (4 Episodes w/Commercials – Guests Florence                Henderson, Diahann Carroll, and Xmas Episode)

EDIE ADAMS SHOW (dull early sixties variety – 2 episodes, a.k.a “Here’s Edie”)

EDSEL SHOW (Big fanfare for nothing)

ED SULLIVAN SHOW (w/ Ivory Joe Hunter, another w/ Jackie Wilson – also see “Toast of the Town”)

ED WYNN SHOW (This is his rare late fifties “SITCOM” from the same people          who gave us The Donna Reed Show, NOT his variety show of the late                      forties –  also features comments from Ed Wynn at the end)

ED WYNN SHOW (This is the late forties variety show)

EGG AND I (rare fifties soap w/o/c – 15 minute show, Maw & Paw Kettle, “Paw      Turns Over a New Leaf” & one other “Purloined Jacket” 2 eps total)

EIGHTH MAN (Cartoon, Tobor)


EIGHT IS ENOUGH (1 episode – ONE is enough)

EIGHTY-SEVENTH PRECINCT (“The Very Hard Sell” -Nimoy/Lansing/Arte Johnson/Norman Fell – DVD box set, too)


EL COYOTE (western pilot)


ELLERY QUEEN (50’s version, also box set of 70s version including pilot)

ELVIS (The ABC Series W/Commercials, debut and 3 others)

EMERGENCY (debut episode)

EMMETT KELLY SHOW (15 minutes, lots of clowining)

EMPIRE (80s sitcom)

ENOS (1 episode, “Cops At Sea”)

ENSIGN O’TOOLE (Dean Jones, Jack Albertson sitcom, “Operation Royalty,” “Operation Kowana,””Operation Boxer” and “Operation Arrividerci” -4 total episodes – recently obtained full run from Get TV)

ENTERTAINERS (CBS variety series w/Carol Burnett)

  1. R. (sitcom pilot)

ERROL FLYNN THEATER (His son Sean Flynn acts in this episode)

ETHEL & ALBERT (5 episodes w/o/c – rare live sitcom – late 1954 all episodes – also on Ethel & Albert skit done on “The Kate Smith Evening Hour”)

EVE ARDEN SHOW (pilot “It Gives Me Great Pleasure” -from film transfer, also        “Liza’s Nightmare,” “White Elephant” and “Cover Girl” – all w/o/c – 4 total)

EVE ARDEN SHOW (Unsold pilot, No Open or Close credits – Eve is Christine Cooper in this one, set in London)

EVERGLADES (1 ep, “Creed of the Glades”)

EVERY SECOND COUNTS (Bill Rafferty game show, 2 eps)


EVERYBODY’S TALKING (Lloyd Thaxton Game Show W/Commercials 3 episodes-   1 with Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy, the other with Vivian Vance, also ep              #1 with NO celebs and a bonus round!!)

EVERYTHING MONEY CAN’T BUY (see “Good Heavens” – this is the pilot)


EVERYTHING’S RELATIVE (1 ep 1980s Jason Alexander sitcom)


EYE GUESS (Bill Cullen Color Game show – Full episode, and one fuzzy piece of a   black n white episode)



FACE IS FAMILIAR (CBS 60’S Game Show- Bob Crane/June Lockhart guests, and   2 other episodes, too – Jack Whittaker and Jack Clark host – 3 total eps)

FACE THE FACTS (Red Rowe game show – hey, that rhymes, w/o/c, rare show)

FACE THE MUSIC (game show w/Ron Ely of Tarzan as host – with a shirt ON!!

FAIR EXCHANGE (Two one-Hour Episodes, w/Judy Carne, “A Young Man’s Fancy” w/o/c, & “Twas the Fortnight before Xmas” episode hour very rare w/               commercials-nice quality, both direct from film transfer. Just in – TWO HALF HOUR EPISODES – “Neville the Pearlie” and “How You Gonna Get ‘Em Back from the Farm” – last 2 for Want List items only*****)

FAITH (pilot)

FALCON (2 episodes – “Buried Treasure” and “Kiss Me Not”)

FAMILY AFFAIR (Pilot, 1w/Nancy Walker called “Baby Makes 8,” also”Matter of Tonsils,” – plus season 1 box set-typical Don Fedderson treacle)

FAMILY ALBUM (“Will U Still Feed Me” & “Salon, AufWiedersehn, Goodbye”)

FAMILY FEUD (1982 syndicated Dawson ep w/o/c, and a 1977 episode w/o/c)

FAMILY GAME (Bob Barker Black & White Game Show flop)

FAMILY MAN (1 ep 80s sitcom with Mimi Kennedy & Richard Libertini)

FANDANGO (game show, 1 ep)


FARMER’S DAUGHTER (William Windom sitcom, “Elopement” W/O/C, “Babe in     the Woods,” w/o/c, “To Have & Hold”, “Washington Spotlight,” & Others)

FAST DRAW (Johnny Gilbert game show – Anita Gillette and Robt. Alda guest)

FATHER KNOWS BEST (Several, 1 w/o/c, dvd box set season 1 and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – also have Xmas episode)

FATHER OF THE BRIDE (2 episodes, ultra rare sitcom “Surprise Surprise” &             “Quibbling” – show based upon the famous movie)

FATHERS AND SONS (1 ep short-lived 1980s Merlin Olsen sitcom)

FAY (4 episodes, “Jack Remarries,” “Not another Mother’s Day,” “Danny Falls In Love,” “Not With My Husband You Don’t.”  All 4 poor quality.)                                   FAYE EMERSON SHOW (w/o/c, 15 mins, guest Steve Allen in maybe his 1st TV shot)

FBI (Glen Campbell/James Franciscus Guest)

FESTIVAL (1960 Canadian edition of “Julius Caesar” w/young Shatner**not 4 trade.)

FIBBER MCGEE & MOLLY (Sitcom 1959 “The Trailer-pilot” and “Good Neighbor”)

FIFTY GRAND SLAM (Tom Kennedy, 1 poor quality ep, like $64K Question)

FILES OF JEFFREY JONES (1954 syndicated cop show)

FILTHY RICH (sitcom, 1 ep)

FINDERS KEEPERS (Wesley Eure game show)

FINDERS OF LOST LOVES (90 minute pilot)

FIRST HUNDRED YEARS (fifties soap, don’t confuse with”2nd Hundred Years”)

FIRST IMPRESSIONS (Brad Garrett sitcom, 1 ep)

FISH (pilot)


FIVE FINGERS (“Final Dream” & “Station Break”)

FLASH GORDON (50s series)

FLATBUSH AVENUE J (unsold pilot)

FLINTSTONES (Pilot as” Flagstones,” and 1 w/ Orig. Winston Commercials -“Fred’s Diet” yes, a kid’s show sponsored by a cigarette company. Also DVD box set)

FLIPPER (2 episodes of original version)

FLIP WILSON SHOW (guests Gina Lollobrigida & Bill Cosby)


FLO (Thanksgiving Episode-1 hour..fuzzy, also DVD set)

FLYING NUN (Sally Field, 1ST Episode & Others, 1 fuzzy ep w/o/c, Xmas episode – she didn’t need Boniva then – season 1 box set.)

FOLEY SQUARE (Margaret Colin, Hector Elizondo – “Personals”, and 2/12/86 w/o/c)

FOLLOW THE SUN (“Run, Clown, Run”, “”Mele Kalikimaka to You,” “Dumbest Blonde”)

FORD SHOW (Tennessee Ernie, 1959 ep w/Ethel Waters, 1 color ep, 1 b & w)

FORD STAR JUBILEE (Judy Garland’s 1st foray into TV, also “Blithe Spirit” w/Marion Ross kinescope)

FORD THEATER (“Margin for Fear” with Broderick Crawford)

FOREIGN INTRIGUE (aka “Dateline:  Europe”)

FOREIGN LEGIONNAIRE (See Buster Crabbe Show)

FOR THE PEOPLE (sixties William Shatner series 1965)



FRANKIE LAINE TIME (1 hour show, plus one half-hour Frankie Laine “Show” –       both were summer replacements for Arthur Godfrey & Friends)

FRANK SINATRA SHOW (guest Dagmar, with Bulova commercials)


FRED ASTAIRE SHOW (1959 NBC Color Special)

FRASIER (season 1 and 4 dvd box set)

FREDDIE MARTIN SHOW (W/Bobbie Commercials)

FRED WARING SHOW (half-hour variety 1953)

FREE AGENTS (debut episode)

FREE COUNTRY (4 rare episodes, Rob Reiner/Judy Kahan)

FRIENDLY GIANT (not for trade***)

FRIENDS (2 eps w/o/c)

FROM A BIRD’S EYE VIEW (Millicent Martin 70’s sitcom, complete)

FRONTIER CIRCUS (“Dr. Sam” and “Calamity Circus”)


FRONT PAGE CHALLENGE (2 rare eps, Canadian, ***not 4 trade)

FRONT PAGE DETECTIVE (Dumont 1951, 2 eps)

F TROOP (“Play Gypsy Play” and “Phantom Major”, & DVD box set)

FUGITIVE (1ST and Last Episodes)

FUN FACTORY (Hosted by Late Bobby Van)

FUNNY FACE (2 episodes “Star is Born on a Stretcher”, “Don’t Worry I’ll Manage” See “Sandy Duncan Show” for 2 more)

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK (Lloyd Thaxton Game Show w/o/c 4 episodes-Heater Quigley Prod. & finally got one with dizzy Donna Jean Young on the panel)

FURY (A horse is a horse, of course, of course, debut ep “Joey Finds a Friend”)


GALE STORM SHOW (a.k.a. “Oh, Susanna”)


GAMBIT (also see” Las Vegas Gambit” – 1 under this title)

GAME GAME (4 episodes.  Best quality has George Carlin.  Another has Burt Reynolds.  The rarest one with EJ Peaker has no end credits).



GARRY MOORE SHOW (1962 w/Carol Burnett, 2 others, 1 rare daytime ep, others on DVD Xmas set)

G.E. COLLEGE BOWL (w/o/c, Earle is host, UCLA vs Rice – nice quality, 3 black &    white ep w/Allen Ludden hosting, too – USC vs. Barnard, Agnes Scott vs   Princeton, & Colgate vs USC.)

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATER (2 w Ronald Reagan w/o/c“Return of Gentleman Jim” and ”Outpost at Home“)

GENERAL MOTORS PRESENTS (Canadian show, Shatner in “Billy Budd”)



 GENERATION GAP (2 eps, Game show w/Dennis Wholey- guests Bill                          Kenny/Inkspots & Ohio Express in ONE episode, and Hugh O’Brian, and                   Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge in another – both episodes                          w/o/c)

 GENTLE BEN (several kinda fuzzy, grizzly episodes, but “bear”-able, “Mama               Jolie”)

 GENTLE GIANT (Pilot for “Gentle Ben” 90 minutes)

 GEORGE & LEO (1st episode Newhart/Hirsch/Bateman sitcom)


 GEORGE BURNS SHOW(4 episodes, after Gracie said goodnight, 3 from sitcom         format w/Ronnie Burns singing his Verve label 45 release “Kinda Cute” on              “George Becomes A Producer,” also “A Walk On For George” and “La Vie En               Rose-  Xmas show”  and 1 from second/variety format w/Carol Channing               guest w/o/c called “George Signs Carol Channing”)

 GEORGE CARLIN SHOW (w/o/c Pat Harrington, Jr. As a harried minister)

 GEORGE GOBEL SHOW (W/Dial Commercials, Debut Episode & one other)

 GEORGE PAL PUPPETOONS (almost an hour)

 GERTRUDE BERG SHOW (see “Mrs. G. Goes to College” – 25 episodes)

 GET RICH QUICK (W/Steve Edwards)


 GET SMART (W/Commercials)


 GET THE MESSAGE (Robert Q. Lewis, game show, final episode w/ Xmas theme,       and two with Frank Buxton as host, one w/o/c-nice quality)

 GETTING TOGETHER (Bobby Sherman sitcom “Blue Xmas” & “Memories Are             Made of This” – every episode was a song title.)

 GHOST & MRS. MUIR(7 Episodes, Pilot,  “Make Me A Match,” “”Firehouse 5 Plus      Ghost,” ”Spirit of the Law,” “Puppy Love,” “Host to the Host,” “Ghost of Xmas         Past,” and just in, “Surprise Party” from film transfer!!!)

 GHOSTBUSTERS (Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch ill-fated sitcom, 1 ep)

 GIANT STEP (see “Take a Giant Step”, W/Commercials. Mike Wallace is host.)

 GIDGET (Sally Field, Peter Deuel, Don Porter – box set)

 GIGANTOR (Cartoon)

 GILLIGAN’S ISLAND (Pilot with different cast, dvd box set season 2, final    “Gilligan the Goddess” episode)

 GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. (“Doggone Affair,” “Mother Muffin Affair,”“Little John Doe   Affair,” and “Fountain of Youth Affair”)

 GIRL WITH SOMETHING EXTRA (Sally Field (you like her, you really like her, & John Davidson – several eps, “Sally on My Mind,” “Everything You Wanted to Hide,” “How Green Was Las Vegas,” “Gift for the Gifted,” “Greening of Aunt Fran,” “Cost of Giving,” “Zircon in the Rough,” “New Broom,” “Guess Who’s Feeding the Pigeons,” and “It’s So Peaceful in the Country”)

 GIVE & TAKE (Jim Lange game show, Blurry)

 GLENN MILLER TIME (10 nice episodes, summer replacement 4 Hennesey,      w/o/c)

 GLORIA (Xmas Episode, Sally Struthers Bunker spin-off, Burgess Meredith co-stars in this mess, also a couple more)

 GLYNIS (Episode “3 Men in a Tub” and “Ten Cents a Dance” and “Mr.                          Butterworth Does It Himself” w/o/c – This show was “Murder She Wrote”              25 years too soon!-1 episode has a Mickey Mantle commercial)

 GO (Game show, 1episode w/slate, NOT 4 TRADE***)

 GOING GOING GONE (1961 game show with announcer Tom Kennedy)

 GOING MY WAY (2 hour episodes starring Gene Kelly – “Keep Your Eyes on               Santa Claus” and “A Tough Act to Follow” – New DVD BOX SET, too.)

 GOLDBERGS (Original & Syndicated version as” Molly”)

 GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C. (“Better Man” w/o/c, “Feuding Pyles” w/o/c & “Hare    Today, Gone Tomorrow” -& season 1 box set dvd)

 GONG SHOW (unaired John Barbour as host, Chuck Barris episode, too –                    infamous orange popsicle episode, 1 1988 ep w/timing strip, too-see Rah               Rah Show-also the rare “Gong Show Movie.”)

 GOOD GUYS (“Chimp Named Sam,” “Let Them Eat Rolls,” “No Orchids For The Dinner,” “Volunteer Fireman”“Eyes Have It,” “Communication Gap,” “Art A La Carte” – Black & White, Bob Denver strikes again. Just in, “Big Tom Gets Married,” “Is This Trip Necessary,” “)

 GOOD HEAVENS (Carl Reiner is an angel, 4 rare episodes, “See Jane Run”,                  “Coffee Tea & Gloria,” “Funny Fellow,” & “Mixed Doubles” – also, the pilot          called “Everything Money Can’t Buy” with Jose Ferrer as the angel)

 GOOD LIFE (“Dial “M” For Murder”,”1 Of Our Rolls Is Missing,” “Jane’s Double         Life,” “Speedometer Strain,”  & “Butterfield Ate”-Larry Hagman & Donna Mills.       Tony Orlando sang the theme song.)

 GOOD MORNING WORLD (Early Goldie Hawn sitcom, 6 episodes including     “Return of Bibbian,”“I Love a Charade” w/o/c, and “For My Daughter’s Hand      You’ll Get My Foot” – & DVD box set)

 GOOD TIME HARRY (1980 Ted Bessell sitcom, hour debut ep)

 GOODTIME GIRLS (sitcom, 2 eps included pilot)

 GOOD TIMES (Bad acting personified, season 1 DVD set)

 GOVERNOR & J.J. (17 episodes, “Fawcett Is Running,” ,” “ And The Word              Begat the Bleep,” “PS, I Don’t Love You/Smear Campaign,” “2nd Opinion,”               “A Day in the Life,” “Pilot – The 2nd First Lady”, “Maid For Sara,” “From Here             To Maternity,” “Making of the Governor”, &”Run Ballerina Run w/o/c” – the rest are NOT for trade**”Check the Check,” “”Return of Dr. Livingston,” “Charley’s Back in Town,” “Ben & Her,” “Read that Leg to Me Again,””File Safe,” and alternate better/longer “Second First Lady”, and “Romeo & JJ” audio only)

 GRACE UNDER FIRE (1 Episode w/o/c)

 GRADY (Whitman Mayo “Sanford” spinoff – the Mayo Clinic couldn’t help this        mess – episode – debut episode, and also “Driving Force” – 2 episodes.)

 GRAY GHOST (1 Episode, low volume)

 GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (William Katt series, pilot, J.Scarbury sang theme)

 GREAT GETAWAY GAME (Wink Martindale, 1 ep)

 GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (sitcom with Willard Waterman – 5 episodes “Bard Of            Summerfield,” “Gild Goes Broke-pilot” & “Gildy’s Dancin’ Lessons,” “Gildy Stews    About A Cook,” “Gildy & the Expectant Father” )

 GREEN ACRES (1ST Episode, and season 1 DVD set & “Pig in a Poke,”Others…but    give me Park Avenue…)

 GREEN HORNET (“Bad Bet on a 459,” others, with Bruce Lee, Van Williams)

 GRINDL (Imogene Coca sitcom – 5 episodes, “She Wolf of Wall Street,” “No Such    Thing as A Bad Barracuda,” “Femme Fatale,” “Great Schultz,” “Moon Killer”)


GUESS WHAT (Canadian game show, hosted by Robin Ward)

 GUESTWARD HO (Joanne Dru, Mark Miller, J. Carroll Naish, W/Commercials-           pilot episode, and “Babs and the Lion,” “Thanksgiving Story w/o/c” and                 rarest is “Frontier Week” w/o/c, also, pilot w/Vivian Vance in Joanne Dru role,

 and still ANOTHER pilot episode w/regular cast but different opening. )

 GUIDING LIGHT (1 episode w/o/c circa 1953)

 GUMBY (Like “Davey & Goliath,” a cheesy “Clokey” show)



 GUNSMOKE (1st episode)

 GUNS OF WILL SONNETT (western, Walter Brennan)

 GUY MITCHELL SHOW (10/21/57, Mindy Carson, Dancing Dunhills, w/o/c)


HAGGIS BAGGIS (1 episode of this rare game show, Dennis James is host)

HAIL TO THE CHIEF (all 10 eps of Patty Duke Sitcom, edited as if it’s a movie)

HALLS OF IVY (2 rare Episodes, “Umbrella Man,” & “11th Commandment.” It stars Ronald Colman.)

HAL ROACH PRESENTS (Fess Parker/Laraine Day unsold untitled sitcom pilot)


HANK (Pilot, with Opening Credits, nice quality and DVD color box set)

HANK MCCUNE SHOW (“The Prize”-rare 1950 sitcom)

HAPPY(W/Commercials, 2 Episodes, “Honeymoon,” and “Strawberries Sugar           and Cream” stars late Ronnie Burns – set in Palm Springs)

HAPPY DAYS (Pilot, 1ST & Final Episode – want more?  Sit on it.  Just in, 1974 episode Xmas w/o/c, several more w/o/c)

HARBOR COMMAND (nice quality, Wendell Corey in a serious role)

HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. – (Barbara Eden sitcom based on J.C. Riley song)

HARRIGAN AND SON (pilot episodes –“Junior Joins the Law Firm,” “The Testimonial” w/Reynolds Aluminum Ads, another nice ep from film transfer called “The Comeback” – 3 total eps)


HARRY O (David Janssen – “Eyewitness”)

HARRY’S GIRLS (Larry Blyden Sitcom 2 pilots – both “The Director,”, & 2  regular rare episodes “Naval Affair” & “His Highness, only 1st pilot has opening credits – 4 total eps of this rare sitcom)

HART OF HONOLULU (cop show pilot)

HATHAWAYS (Peggy Cass, 4 Episodes W/ Commercials, “Pilot,” “Kids Go To             School,” “TV or Not TV” – lots of monkey business)

HAVE FAITH (1 ep 1980s Joel Higgins sitcom)

HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (“3 Bells to Perdido”-debut ep, & “Brothers” w/Ebsen)

HAWAIIAN EYE (several, including episode #1 co-starring Jack Nicholson)

HAWAII FIVE-O (“Oldest Profession Latest Price,” “Man on Fire” – 1st orig season box set)

HAWKINS FALLS (soap 10/24/53-I hope Hawkins didn’t hurt himself.)

HAZEL (Pilot with Edward Andrews as Mr. Baxter, and 4 episodes, 2 Black & White, 2 color,  Final Color episode w/2nd cast ”Question of Ethics” with Ann Jillian, “Just 86 Shopping Minutes To Xmas,” 1 w/o/c – and entire season 1, 2 & 3)

HEADLINE HUNTERS (Jim Perry game show, ***not for trade***)

HEAD OF THE CLASS (1 episode)

HE & SHE (8 Episodes, 1 W/Commercials titled “Oscar Moves to Hollywood”.             Also” Dick Van Dyke” episode, “How To Fail In Business,” “Coming Out Party,”        Deep In The Heart Of Taxes” “Don’t Call Us”, “Old Man & She,” “2nd Time


HEAVEN FOR BETSY (Jack Lemmon Early Sitcom, no laugh track, short show)


HE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS (game show, 1 ep Mike Darrow hosted pilot)

HELLO, LARRY(many  eps, fuzzy debut episode, 1 better later episode w/Ruth Brown called “Rap With Ruthie”  “Mean Mr. Vanderkellen”, others)

HENNESEY (Several W/Low Volume, Jackie Cooper, Abby Dalton, James                   Komack, some have laugh track – “Holdout” w/o/c, also 4 rare episodes from        film transfer just in “Harvey’s Horse,” “Wedding,” “Pork Chops& Apple Sauce,” “Hennesey Goes Home,” ”Green-Eyed Monster,” “The Hobby” “Miss San Diego Navy”, “Xmas Story” w/o/c, “Babysitter,” “Bobby Darin episode,” “Return Of Harvey Blair”)

HERBIE, THE LOVE BUG (The series, 1 episode, from Disney channel)

HERE COMES MELINDA (rare Spring Byington 1960 sitcom pilot ***not for trade***)

HERE COME THE BRIDES (David Soul, Bobby Sherman, “Man of the Family”)

HERE COMES DONALD (1 episode Donald O’Connor sitcom 1955***not 4 trade)

HERE’S EDIE (See “Edie Adams Show”-zzzzzzzzz)

HERE’S LUCY (“Sentimental Vase”)

HERE WE GO AGAIN (Larry Hagman sitcom – pilot-rare)

HERO (Richard Mulligan/Mariette Hartley sitcom, “Return of Little Eddie” and         “I Have a Dream” – rare show w/o/c)

HE SAID, SHE SAID (Joe Garagiola Game Show, influenced “Tattletales”, 1w/o/c)

HE’S THE MAYOR (2 eps)

HEY, JEANNIE (numerous rare episodes, a.k.a. The Jeannie Carson Show –               most W/open & close credits – BOTH formats and casts.  One episode                       centers on the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets Field.  Jeannie manages to sing in every episode, 1 “Jeannie’s Homesick” w/o/c – 15 total)

HEY, LANDLORD (“Testing One, Two,” Will Hutchins, Sandy Baron, Michael                Constantine, also just in, “Shapes of Wrath”, “By The Sea”, “Czech                            Your Wife Sir”, “Instant Family,” “Divorce-Bachelor Style,” “Go Directly to           Jail” &  “Big Fumble” which introduces Fred Willard to TV)

HEY, MULLIGAN (see “Mickey Rooney Show.” – complete box set)

HIGHCLIFFE MANOR (4 episodes of this sitcom, fuzzy)

HIGH FINANCE (ep 1 Dennis James rare prime time game show, trade only for want list items)

HIGH LOW (Game Show w/o/c with timing strip, hosted by Jack Barry – rare!!-      Don Pardo is announcer)

HIGH ROLLERS (1978, & Final 1980 w/Alex Trebek,4 total, and also debut ep AUDIO only – and ep # 1 with Wink Martindale hosting & another just in –

with contestants Roletta & Nichols late 70s w/o/c)

HIGHWAY PATROL (with Ballantine ads Called “Hunt By Helicopter,” 3               Other Episodes – “Reckless Driving,” and 1 W/Clint Eastwood, one about a             prison break& hostages on a school bus)

HI, HONEY, I’M HOME (Ann B. Davis, Gale Gordon Episodes – 2 separate episodes    w/o/c, all filmed in Orlando).

HOLLYWOOD HOUSE (1949 variety show)


HOLLYWOOD PALACE (Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, Bob Newhart – 6 eps, 2 color)

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (3 Daytime W/Commercials, And Pilot, few nighttime, and first episode of John Davidson remake from the eighties)

HOLLYWOOD’S TALKING (Geoff Edwards game show, fuzzy and glitchy-similar to “Everybody’s Talking” with Lloyd Thaxton)

HOLMES & YOYO (“Dental Dynamiter” and pilot)

HONDO (1 Episode “Hondo & the Gladiator”)

HONEYMOONERS (1 of Original 39 w/o/c & orig open – also 39 in box set) 

HONEYMOON GAME (Pilot w/Jim McKrell, hour-long, like “Joker’s Wild”)

HONEYMOON RACE (rare game show with Bill Malone, set in Fla. Mall – b & w print)

HONEY WEST (DVD SET, and very rare unaired pilot**not for trade**)

HOOTENANNY (4 nice eps w/o/c from film transfer, 3 other episodes, fuzzy, 1 with Judy Collins, dvd set too)


HOPPITY HOOPER (W/Commercials)


HOT OFF THE WIRE (a.k.a. “The Jim Backus Show”-“Mad Bomber,” “Marry-Go-        Round,” “Mike O’Toole Angler,”“Woman’s Touch,” &”Old Army Game”)

HOT POTATO (game show, 1 ep w/slate, NOT 4 TRADE***)

HOT SEAT (With Commercials, Jim Peck, fuzzy)

HOUSE CALLS (Wayne Rogers, Sharon Gless, David Wayne, Lynn Redgrave based upon movie, 2 eps – one is called “Campaign in the Neck”)

HOWDY DOODY (1955 – “say, kids, what time is it?” 2 eps, also 40th anniversary special-2 hours from 1987 w/o/c – also box set of 20 episodes)

HOWIE (unsold 1962 Paul Lynde sitcom pilot, same premise used as Paul                Lynde Show a decade later – took 10 years to sell the idea)

HOW’S YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW? (Game show with Wink Martindale, Barris’ flop)


HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE (Early Barbara Eden Sitcom, Several Episodes       including “Alias The Secretary”, “Fourth Girl”, “Penthouse,”   “Subletting                  the Apartment” , “It’s A Dog’s Life” – this one has no closing credits,                 episode 1, & pilot with slightly different cast)   

HURRICANE CAMILLE COVERAGE (New Orleans special report)

HUSBANDS, WIVES & LOVERS (hour-long seventies sitcom, created by Joan             Rivers)


I AM THE LAW (George Raft)

ICHABOD & ME (4 episodes, most w/o/c, “The Celebrity” w/Rod Serling, “Old Stowe Road” and 2 others)

I DREAM OF JEANNIE (1ST Episode both pilots, & “This Is Murder” w/o/c)

I HAD THREE WIVES (1 ep “Crimedy” series 1980s)


I LED THREE LIVES (Defense Plant)

I’LL BET (Jack Narz Game Show, see “It’s Your Bet” – 1 black & white episode           w/Richard Long on the panel, 1 color w/o/c episode w/Denise Darcel and              Robert Culp on the panel.  The latter is very rare!! )

I LOVE LUCY (Pilot, Xmas Episode, 50th anniversary special)

I MARRIED DORA (Sitcom, 1 ep)

I MARRIED JOAN (W/Jim Backus – 1 w/o/c “Career”)

I’M A BIG GIRL NOW (Danny Thomas rarity starring Diana Canova – 2 eps, 1 w/o/c)

I’M DICKENS, HE’S FENSTER (16 Episodes, “Small Matter of Being Fired”, “Harry     the Father Image”, “Double Life of Mel Warshaw”, “Here’s To The 3 Of Us,”            “Carpenters 4″-with a young Jim Nabors, “Senior Citizen Charlie”,”The                       Bet”,”Harry The Contractor,” “Kick Me Kate,” “Number 1 Son,”  “Hotel                Fenster,”“Nurse Dickens,” “Love My Dog,” “Party Party,” “The Joke” “Part-time Friend” – and DVD set)

IN THE BEGINNING (very rare pilot episode, only for want list items***)

INNER FLAME (soap 3/29/55 aka “Portia Faces Life”)

INSIDE DANNY BAKER (sitcom pilot)

INSIDE O.U.T. (Bill Daily/Farrah Fawcett unsold comedy pilot)

INTERNATIONAL DETECTIVE (Art Fleming’s first series -here he also found       himself frequently in JEOPARDY)

INTERNS (Mike Farrell had to intern somewhere before M*A*S*H, 1 episode)

INVADERS (Sci-fi, QM Production, color, “Quantity:Unknown”)


IRENE (Unsold Irene Cara sitcom pilot)

IRONSIDE (pilot, box set-Everybody Loves Raymond Burr)

I SAW THAT (game show, 1 ep)

I SPY (season 1 and 2 DVD set)

ISABEL SANFORD’S HONEYMOON HOTEL (1 ep, short-lived 80s sitcom)

IT (Gene Rayburn game show pilot ***NOT FOR TRADE***)

IT COULD BE YOU (Game show with Bill Leyden – 4 episodes, 1 w/o/c rare, 1 w/timing strip & guest Buster Keaton)

IT HAD TO BE YOU (short-lived sitcom, pilot episode, Urich & Dunaway)

IT HAD TO BE YOU (Ed McMahon game show pilot)

IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT (original TV version w/o/c 1951)

IT’S ABOUT TIME (9 decent quality episodes “School Days,” “My Brother’s                Keeper,”  “Shad & Other Tortures,” “Pilot,” “Cave Movies,” “20th Century Here We Come,” “To Sign or Not To Sign” “Which Doctor’s Witch,” ”Stone Age Diplomats,” and “The Champ,”  and ”Copper Caper” – last 3 direct from film transfer)

IT’S ACADEMIC (Art James game, show # 4 w/slate 9/21/1963, also 1 from           D.C. – and a 10 minute interview with the DC host from the 90’s)

IT’S A GREAT LIFE (Early Francis Bavier Sitcom, Several Episodes, 1 w/o/c “The      Haymaker” -many more, “Crystal Ball,” “Private Line,” “Big Game,” “Fabulous           Foundling,” “Go Home to Your Mother,” “Formal for Amy,” “Missing Husband,”

“3 Hungry Men.”)

IT’S A LIVING (1 episode)

IT’S ALWAYS JAN (2 eps – Janis Paige/Arte Johnson/Sid Melton 1 ep w/o/c “Guilty Conscience” – and the rare 11/12/55 untitled episode – for Want List items only****)

IT’S A MAN’S WORLD (3 ep, Hour Show w/Ted Bessell, pre-“That Girl”, also 2       Direct from film transfer)

IT’S ANYBODY’S GUESS (Monty Hall game show, 8/23/77 with slate)

IT’S NEWS TO ME (3 eps, 2 John Daly Game Show eps, used to follow “I Love Lucy” on Monday nights, & 1 episode w/o/c with Walter Cronkite hosting)

IT’S NOT EASY (Bert Convy, Jayne Meadows sitcom, 1 ep)

IT’S YOUR BET (2 episodes, game show answer to “I’ll Bet”-color, rare – Tom           Kennedy hosts one, Hal March the other, & 15 minute promo for affiliates)

IT TAKES A THIEF (“When Good Friends Get Together,” “Funeral is on a Munday –    with Julie Newmar,” “Touch of Magic,” & Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”)

IT TAKES TWO (Patty Duke/Richard Crenna/Helen Hunt/Anthony Edwards              Sitcom – episode # 1 “Sam & Molly”, “Andy & Older Woman,” “Healthy                     Romance,” “Affair to Remember” “Mr. Molly Quinn” & “Anniversary”)

IT TAKES TWO (Game Show Hosted by Vin Scully, 1 Blurry episode, another rare       nice episode***this one not for trade***-this ep everyone’s in pajamas)

IT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING, BABY – 90 mins (Murray the K music special)

I’VE GOT A SECRET (Several, guests Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, one w/o/c black &      white, and one from 1972 taped at Metromedia Square in Hollywood                        w/timing strip & slate, and from film 12/19/66 Xmas Show w/o/c – also one          extremely rare 1976 CBS summer nighttime version **NOT 4 TRADE**, also,         11/16/64 w/slate & w/o/c guests The Shangrilas sing NOT 4 TRADE**)



JACK BENNY HOUR (Beach Boys guest)

JACK BENNY SHOW (Several W/Lucky Strike Commercials, New Year’s Show,

Humphrey Bogart guest star episode, too)

JACKIE GLEASON SHOW (CBS Show highlights, 1963 Christmas Show – see               “American Scene Magazine”)

JACK PAAR SHOW (retrospective, & 3 episodes)

JACK PAAR SHOW (1954 – half-hour, daytime)

JACKPOT (70’S Version & 80’s Version – 1 w/Geoff Edwards – nicer quality of            $38,750 jackpot winners – also 1 80’s episode w/Mike Darrow)

JACKPOT BOWLING (Milton Berle’s career was in the gutter at this point – 2 rare eps w/o/c)

JACKSON & JILL (early sitcom, no laugh track)

JACK SPECTOR SHOW (Providence, R.I. Bandstand-esque Show, fuzzy)

JAMIE (Brandon DeWilde, w/o/c-1 episode, “Bicycle Built for Jamie”)

JAN MURRAY’S CHARGE ACCOUNT (audio tape of final episode 1962)

JAY LENO SHOW (episode # 1 w/o/c)

JEAN ARTHUR SHOW (“The Promoter” black and white print, fuzzy)

JEANNIE CARSON SHOW (several – see HEY, JEANNIE, about 14 eps, 1 w/o/c)

JEFFERSONS (First Episode, one other)


JEOPARDY (Art Fleming, several, including 2000th Show, most from 1974, “I’ll         take Potent Potables for 10, Art”-four with Art)

JERRY LEWIS SHOW (1 episode, NBC 1968)

JESSICA (Unsold Jessica Simpson sitcom)

JETSONS (W/Commercials, also DVD box set)

JIM BACKUS SHOW (see “Hot off the Wire” – 5 episodes)

JIM BOWIE (a.k.a. “Adventures of Jim Bowie” – 3 eps)

JIM NABORS HOUR (black & white print w/guest Kate Smith)

JIMMY DEAN SHOW (w/o/c, Ralph the Dog, George Kirby)

JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (from folks who gave us Make Room for Daddy)

JIMMY STEWART SHOW (several episodes – DVD Box Set coming soon)

JOAN & LESLIE (Aussie sitcom, 2 episodes, black & white)

JOANIE LOVES CHACHI (poor quality-and poor show, also DVD set)

JOE & MABEL (Larry Blyden, Norman Fell sitcom, “Mabel’s Legacy,” “Mabel’s     Voice” and “The Lineup” – 3 episodes, none have closing credits)

JOE PALOOKA STORY (Thanksgiving episode, “Turkey for Terry”)

JOE PYNE SHOW (sales tape, and 2 full episodes, ascerbic talk show host)

JOE’S WORLD (short-lived 1979 sitcom, 1 rare episode, ***not for trade***)

JOEY (1 ep w/o/c)

JOEY BISHOP SHOW (Almost every episode from seasons 2, 3 and 4, including 2      W/Dodgers, 5 from rare Original format, too, w/o/c-guest starring Barbara            Stanwyck called “Windfall for Mom,” “On The Spot,”  “Contest Winner”  “Income   Tax Caper”, & “Ring A Ding Ding” – also 34 episodes from DVD 2nd season set,   including pilot on “Danny Thomas Show” – Rydell episode w/o/c)

JOEY BISHOP ABC TALK SHOW (60 mins w/Regis Philbin & Johnny Mann – ends      abruptly before credits, 2 others from film transfer run 45 mins each b & w)

JOHN DENVER SHOW (2 episodes, part of a third)

JOHN FORSYTHE SHOW (“Mission to Italy” – pre-dates “To Rome With Love”, and    Pilot, too)


JOHNNY CARSON SHOW ( 2 eps CBS 1956, W/Jello Commercials, 30 minutes          each – 1 w/o/c, 1 DAYTIME Johnny Carson Show, and 10 more night eps

 from DVD set/from kinescopes)

JOHNNY CASH SHOW (poor quality)

JOHNNY GARAGE (Unsold sitcom pilot)


JOHNNY QUEST (1 ep w/o/c)          

JOHNNY RINGO (“The Arrival” pilot)

JOKER’S WILD (with slate 9/7/72 w/o/c Show # 11, **not for trade**)

JOKE’S ON US (Monty Hall hosts, like “Can You Top This”-Canadian)

JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW (variety w/o/c with the Doors, Barbara  Eden, Abby Dalton, Red Skelton-this is the CBS late 60’s show, black & white)

JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW (2 episodes of his 1956-7 series)


JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE (Carl Betz, “Law against Murder,” Color)

JUDGE FOR YOURSELF (Fred Allen Game Show, 3 Episodes, 1 w/o/c-rare)

JUDGE ROY BEAN (Edgar Buchanan)

JUDY GARLAND SHOW (guest star Barbra Streisand)

JUKEBOX JURY (AKA Peter Potter’s Hit & Miss – 1 from 1954, 1 from 1959 with       Rick Nelson, Annette, Sandra Dee & Dwayne Hickman as the Jury)

JULIA (“Magna Cum Lover” – sounds like porn, but isn’t.  Also 1st episode called “Mama’s Man” with Susan Olsen as Pamela,“I’m Dreaming of a Black Xmas,” “You Can’t Beat Drums,” and  “Romeo & Julia”, 5 total)

JULIETTE (daytime variety show, Canadian, w/the Romeos***not 4 trade)

JUNGLE JIM (Johnny Weismuller couldn’t act his way out of a bamboo hut-6               episodes, “Return of Tauregs,” “Silver Locket,” “Code of Jungle,” “King’s     Ghost,” “Fortune in Ivory,” “Leopard’s Paw”)

JUST LIKE MOM (Canadian game show – among the worst ever made)

JUST MEN (Emmy-winning game show w/ Betty White hosting, fuzzy, 3 eps)



 KAREN (60’s Sitcom, with original commercials and theme sung by The Beach          Boys, episode “Mimi’s 1st Love ”w/o/c  “Holiday in Ski Valley” w/o/c (with Bonnie Franklin) and one other called “The Formal.” Also part of “The Understudy”)

 KAREN (Karen Valentine short-lived ABC sitcom, “Capitol Capers” and 10 more.)



 KATE SMITH SHOW (3 Episodes, done with a wide-angle lens)

 KAZ (1 episode – Ron Leibman stars)

 KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY (debut episode, 1958 game show, Bill Nimmo hosts)

 KEN BERRY WOW SHOW (summer variety show 1972, guests the Seekers, Don                                 Knotts, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and a young Steve Martin, Teri Garr)


 KING OF KENSINGTON (Canadian sitcom with Mike Myers, Gene Levy)

 KING OF THE HILL (Game Show pilot, not animated rednecks)

 KIT CARSON (Close Credit Cut, a.k.a. “Adventures of Kit Carson”, 1 ep)

 KLONDIKE (the series)

 KLONDIKE KAT KARTOON (always gets his mouse)


 KNOCKOUT (Arte Johnson Game Show)

 KNOT’S LANDING (looks like Dallas, but it’s Knot)



 KRYPTON FACTOR (Dick Clark game show)


 KUKLA, FRAN & OLLIE (Color 70’s version)


  LADIES’ MAN (Lawrence Pressman sitcom, entire run, numerous very rare episodes including pilot***for Want List items only***)

  LARAINE DAY SHOW (sitcom pilot – no opening or closing credits)

  LARAMIE (1 w/Spring Byington, black & white) 

  LASSIE (episode # 1 w/Tommy Rettig, and 1 from film transfer w/o/c – XMAS                                                           ep, and Timmy always winds up in that well….)

   LAST RESORT (funny, short-lived Larry Breeding/Stephanie Faracy sitcom)

   LAS VEGAS GAMBIT (3 eps, 1 fuzzy, other better w/o/c, also see Gambit)


   LATE LATE SHOW (Tom Snyder w/guest George Carlin)

   LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON (episode 1 w/o/c)

   LATER (2 part episode with guest Vin Scully)

   LAUGH LINE (rare 1959 Dick Van Dyke game show w/o/c – 2 episodes)  

   LAUGHMAKERS (weird Woody Allen pilot w/Alan Alda, Louise Lasser, semi-               sitcom, can see easily why it never became a series)

  LAUGHS FOR SALE (11/63 w/o/c, semi-game show)




     LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY (Over a dozen w/o/c, including the debut season 1 DVD box set)

     LAW & MR. JONES (James Whitmore, 1 direct from film transfer, 1 other)


     LAWLESS YEARS (James Gregory, Later of “Barney Miller” – 2 episodes)

     LAWMAN (1 w/o/c, poor quality, more from Goodlife)

     LAWRENCE WELK SHOW (2 Late 50’s Episodes, 1 Xmas ep, and ½ hr 1955 pilot)

     LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (Sitcom based upon movie, “Dottie’s Back” episode)

     LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (Including “It’s A Small World” Pilot, & Savings bond                 promo, and season 1, 2 & 3  DVD box set – “Gee, Wally.”  Also final episode,                    “Family Scrapbook,” and the famous “In the Soup” episode)

     LEGEND OF CUSTER (See “Custer” – 4 episodes)


     LEO AND LIZ IN BEVERLY HILLS (1 regular ep and “Couch” pilot)

LES CRANE SHOW (one almost complete 48 minute episode – only for want list items**)   

LET’S MAKE A DEAL (12/31/1968 w/o/c – the second ABC episode,

       another from 16mm 4/25/69, & one from 11/18/78 w/o/c)

LETTERS TO LAUGH-IN (rare, short-lived Gary Owens game show, w/some ads)

LEWIS & CLARK (ill-fated, short-lived Gabe Kaplan sitcom – 2 rare episodes)

LIAR’S CLUB (David Letterman guests w/host Allen Ludden, another ep                       w/Ludden and guest Dionne Warwick, also one w/Rod  Serling as host, 2 Bill            Armstrong – panelists Bob Crane, Joey Bishop)

     LIBERACE (candles, piano music, gaudy suits, and brother George)

     LIEUTENANT (early Gene Roddenberry creation – “To Get It Right” & DVD box                                                                       set)

     LIFE & LEGEND OF WYATT EARP (see Wyatt Earp – several, including debut)

     LIFE OF RILEY (both versions, 4 Bendix, debut episode, &”Riley Camps Out”        “Riley’s Family Reunion & “Riley Steps Out” & Gleason DVD box set)

     LIFE WITH BUSTER KEATON (see Buster Keaton Show)

     LIFE WITH ELIZABETH (Several, Early Betty White Sitcom)

     LIFE WITH FATHER (rare Live show, Leon Ames, Marion Ross w/o/c, 3 eps –

       “Thanksgiving,” “Father Goes to the Circus” & the rare “Father Goes To The           Opera”)

     LIFE WITH LUIGI (2 J. Carroll Naish Originals, “Phone Booth” w/o/c,                           “Citizenship,” & 1from 2nd “New” version-“The Dance”)


     LIGHTS OUT (Early 50’S Thriller W/Commercials, “Grey Reminder” episode)

     LINEUP (1 w/o/c, show a.k.a. “San Francisco Beat” – another episode “Stamps”)

     LINGO (eighties version w/Ralph Andrews hosting)


     LITTLE PEOPLE (See “The Brian Keith Show”)

     LITTLE SHOW (very rare 15 minute “Van Camps-sponsored” show with John          Conte – NBC circa 1951)



     LLOYD BRIDGES SHOW (anthology)

     LLOYD THAXTON SHOW (Very Blurry Demo Show, and 2 other compilations)

     LOCK UP (“Witness”)

     LONER (3 episodes of this one-season wonder)


     LONE WOLF (different than a “loan shark” -“Wife Story,”)

     LONG, HOT SUMMER (1 episode w/o/c)

     LONG SHOT (Canadian variety show, w/Bob & Ray, not 4 Trade****)

     LONGSTREET (James Franciscus, “Girl with the Broom”)

     LORETTA YOUNG SHOW (Several Black & White, including original title, “Letters to Loretta” – see the NEW Loretta Young Show)

     LOST IN SPACE (Several, including pilot and 1st episode – they are different)

     LOTSA LUCK (“Olive’s Birthday,” funny Dom DeLuise sitcom, & DVD box set, 1             w/o/c not in boxed set-rare from Umatic for trade – see want list)

     LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE (And “New” American Style, & “Happy Days” Pilot –         season 1 set)

     LOVE AND MARRIAGE (Rare 1959 NBC sitcom – 1 episode***NOT FOR TRADE**- “Second Honeymoon” episode. Perhaps my rarest show.)

     LOVE AND WAR (hour-long debut)

     LOVE BIRDS (rare aired pilot, only for items on my Want List)

     LOVE BOAT (1 ep w/o/c 1/9/82)

     LOVE EXPERTS (Bill Cullen game – with timing strip, Letterman, Worley & Soupy         Sales)


     LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING (soap, 12/1/67)

     LOVE OF LIFE (soap 6/9/53)

     LOVE ON A ROOFTOP (Judy Carne/Peter Deuel W/Salem Cigarette Commercials         2 episodes, “War on a Rooftop and “Shotgun Honeymoon.”)

     LOVE, SIDNEY (episode 1 and final ep-what a waste of Tony Randall)

     LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT (game show, 1 ep Ross Shafer)

     LOVE THAT BOB (See “Bob Cummings Show”)

     LOVE THAT JILL (2 w/No Open/Close Credits – Rare show, “They Went                       Thataway,” and “Love That Foreign Sports Car” – 1 very rare, “Bess of the Bowery” with opening & closing credits)

     LUCIE ARNAZ SHOW (sitcom pilot)

     LUCKY BREAK (local Palm Springs Idol-type show.  I am a panelist/judge-28            eps, w/o/c)                                                                                             

     LUCKY NUMBERS (Game show, Alex Trebek)

     LUCY DESI COMEDY HOUR (2 eps w/o/c, & orig title, “the New Lucille Ball/Desi         Arnaz Show)

     LUCY IN CONNECTICUT (1 episode with that title – 1962 reruns of final season          of I Love Lucy – rare w/o/c – “Lucy Does the Tango”)



     LUCY SHOW (MANY, Mostly Black & White Episodes W/Vivian Vance, Some                  W/Gale Gordon, 1 W/Original Commercials) (Lucy Waits Up for Chris –                        episode 1.  Other POPULAR episodes include, “Lucy & Viv Build A Shower,”                  “Lucy & Bob Crane,” “Lucy & the Electric Mattress,” “Together for Xmas” &                  “Chris’  New Year’s Eve Party” episodes,” “”Lucy Visits the White House,”                    “Lucy  Puts Up A TV Antenna,” “Lucy & Contact Lenses,” “Lucy the Coin                         Collector”, ”Lucy Is Kangaroo For a Day,” “Lucy Digs Up A Date,”  Special         guests include

       Paul Winchell, Ruta Lee, Jack Benny, Danny Thomas, Pat Collins, Carol                       Burnett, Joan Bennett, George Burns, Art Linkletter, Kirk Douglas, Wayne                  Newton)Official season 1-5 box sets, too)

     LUM & ABNER SHOW (“Fishing”)



     MAC DAVIS XMAS SPECIAL (12/5/77, David Soul guests, no closing credits)

     MACK & MYER FOR HIRE (60’s syndicated 15-minute sitcom – 6 episodes                   “Friendly Enemies,” “Dueling Fools,” &”Finders Weepers,”“Mack & Myer Meet             Jennie,” “Out On The Town,” “Wacky Wizardry”)

     MADAM’S PLACE (puppet sitcom, 8 episodes)


     MAGGIE (complete run of rare 1981 Erma Bombeck sitcom – *** NOT FOR TRADE****

     MAGIC CLOWN (2 eps 15-minute show from early TV w/o/c)

     MAGIC GARDEN (2 eps, NYC kid’s show)

     MAGIC MONGO (Saturday morning kid’s sitcom, rare episode)

     MAGILLA GORILLA SHOW (Gorilla my dreams)

     MAGNIFICENT MARBLE MACHINE (Art James, 1 blurry ep, 1 nice one ***NOT 4          TRADE***)

     MAIGRET (3 episodes)

     MAKE ME LAUGH (1958 Game Show w/o/c, and 1 70’s version, too)

     MAKE MINE MUSIC (1 X15-minute show 1950)

     MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY/Danny Thomas Show (Jean Hagen & Marjorie Lord –           Early Episodes have Dodge or American Tobacco Commercials – includes                    Andy Griffith Show pilot and Joey Bishop Show pilot-box set, too for                           seasons 5 and 6.   Also “Little League Umpire” w/o/c, “Terry Takes Charge,”              and “Wonderland” with Spring Byington – MANY FROM 1956, 1963-64 rarely syndicated)

     MAKE ROOM FOR GRANDDADDY (fuzzy Diana Ross episode called “The Star”, 1         With Frank Sinatra, too-also fuzzy w/o/c)

     MAKE THAT SPARE (4 episodes, 1 with the late Dick Weber)

     MAKE THE CONNECTION (Gene Rayburn, Gene Klavin game show – 3 episodes,          1 w/o/c ***embargoed***)

     MAKIN’ IT (5 episodes, 1 w/o intro, others with w/o/c – “Something 4 Ma” – and three ultra rare ones just in, FOR WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY ***)

     MAKING THE GRADE (1 episode)    

     MALCOLM (Game show pilot w/Alex Trebek, not Fox sitcom)

     MALIBU U (several ½ hour episodes, Rick Nelson, Buffalo Springfield, Rydell)

     MAMA (a.k.a. “I Remember Mama,” “Nels Summer Camp,”)

     MAMA MALONE    

     MAMA’S BOY (Bruce Weitz and Nancy Walker 1980s sitcom)

     MANHATTAN TRANSFER SHOW (2 episodoes, Variety w/o/c, 8/31/75 Bob                 Marley guests – also episode w/Gabe Kaplan as guest)

     MANNIX (1ST season DVD set)

     MAN BEHIND THE BADGE (1 episode)

     MAN CALLED SHENANDOAH (debut episode)

     MAN FROM ATLANTIS (1st episode)


     MAN UP

     MAN WHO NEVER WAS (Pilot, boring show)

     MAN WITH A CAMERA (Charles Bronson, Noisy, “String of Pearls”)

     MANY HAPPY RETURNS (Pilot, “House Divided” “Knockmeyer’s On Avalon” &               “It’s A Gift”-4 total eps, Parke/Levy show)

     MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS(Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 on DVD also pilot w/cast speaking to the audience at the end)       


     MARGIE (Not “My Little Margie” – but also a sitcom, 7 eps, 2 direct from film                titled “Jazz Band” and “Flaming Youth”, also “Woman Scorned,” “Whatever Mama Wants,” “County Fair,” “Margie the Jinx,’ and “By the Sea”)

     MARK SABER (1 1958 Episode)

     MARTHA RAYE SHOW (60 Minute variety Show)

     MARTIN KANE, PRIVATE EYE (W/ Lee Tracy 1952)

     MARY (1 ep sitcom, not variety show of same name)

     MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW (Many, including “Chuckles Bites the Dust”, DVD              sets 1 thru 7)

     MASQUERADE PARTY (50’S Version hosted by Peter Donald, also Bert Parks         


1959, and 2 Richard Dawson 70’s versions with timing strip, 1 w/Eddie Bracken           hosting. One other rare Bert Parks episode ***NOT FOR TRADE***, others OK)

     MATCH GAME/HOLLYWOOD SQUARES HOUR (Jay Leno is guest)               

     MATCH GAME P.M. (***not for trade, 1975, Berne Bennett, NOT Johnny Olson             announcing)

     MATCH GAME (60’S 4 Episodes 1 incomplete w/o/c**not for trade**, 2 AUDIO          only including final 1969 episode)

     MATCH GAME ‘73 (Episode #1, w/o/c, ***not for trade***, box set, too)

     MATCHES & MATES (the ENTIRE episode with Art James as host 1967, kinda                jumpy-Nicholson/Muir game show)

     MATCHMAKERS (Ted Brown game show pilot, **NOT FOR TRADE**)

     MATT HELM (1 ep, late Tony Franciosa, “Dead Men Talk”)

     MATT HOUSTON (pilot)

     MAVERICK (James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, John McCain, Sarah Palin)

     MAYA (Jay North Color 60’s Show, 1st episode)

     MAYBERRY, R.F.D. (1ST Episode, others, “Sam the Expert Farmer” w/o/c)

     MAYOR OF THE TOWN (Early Sitcom, don’t confuse with She’s The Sheriff                     w/Kathleen Freeman & Jean Byron-later Patty Duke Show mom)

     MCHALE’S NAVY (Black & White, Turnerized Too, season 1,  2 & 3 box sets, Xmas episode)

     MCKEEVER & COLONEL (1 nice pilot episode from film transfer called “General               McKeever” -also  “The Mascot,”  “TV or Not TV,”  “All Quiet on the                         Westfield Front,”  “ Army Mule” “McKeever’s Astronaut,” “”Big Charade,”         “Blackwell’s Stand,” “Old Grad,” “Too Many Sergeants,” “Make Room For            Mother,” “Celestial Bells,” “Straight & Narrow,” “Neighbor,” “Hair Today Gone            Tomorrow,” “Cookie Crumbles,” “Blackwell the Retread,” “By The Book,” “Feet           Of Clay,” & “For Dear Old Westfield” )

     MCLEAN STEVENSON SHOW (pilot – very nice quality w/o/c)

     ME AND CHIMP (Ted Bessell flop – go figure, it worked so well on The                            Hathaways – well, maybe not – 2 eps)

     ME AND MAXX (pilot episode, more James Komack dreck)

     ME AND MRS. C. (1980s sitcom, debut ep)

     ME AND MOM (1 ep, pilot)

     MEDIC (Incomplete Show)

     MEDICAL CENTER (“The Combattants” w/William Shatner)

     MEET CORLISS ARCHER (Ann Baker Version, a few, later became “Meet Corliss             Phone” – eps include “Boat Builders,” “Harry’s Cold,” “Phone Fumble,” “Dexter           & the Car,” “Dexter the Helper,” “No Clothes for the Party” & “Xmas Story”)

     MEET MCGRAW (a.k.a “Adventures of McGraw,” Angie Dickinson guests w/o/c,             and episode called “Keys to the City” w/o/c)

     MEET MILLIE (3 episodes, Live Sitcom W/Elena Verdugo later of ”Marcus Welby,” & Marvin Kaplan & Florence Halop)

     MEET MR. MCNUTLY (see Ray Milland Show, W/GE Commercials, 1 episode with          original title, 4 with second title)

     MEET THE STANFORDS (Obscure sitcom 1954 – runs about 11 minutes, pilot?)

     MEL & SUSAN TOGETHER (1 ep, ABC variety show, Mel Tillis/Susan Anton)

     MEL TORME SHOW (piece only, CBS circa 1951)

     MELBA (very short-lived 80s sitcom – entire run, ***not for trade***)

     MEMORY GAME (Joe Garagiola – AUDIO of entire episode and a piece of another only)

     MERV GRIFFIN SHOW (final show, and 1 complete 1965 ep w/George Carlin,                Freddy & the Dreamers)

     MICHAEL SHAYNE, PRIVATE EYE (2 episodes, w/Richard Denning, 1 w/o/c)

     MICKEY (“For the Love of Grandpa Toddie,” w/o/c “Who’s Been Sleeping in My             Bed” w/o/c & “Elephant Mickey Never Forgets”)

     MICKEY ROONEY SHOW (a.k.a. “Hey, Mulligan” – 30 eps from new DVD box set)

     MIDDLE, THE (season 1 DVD box set)

     MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW (4 sixties episodes from film transfer, & a ‘71 w/G.                    Carlin, Rick Nelson, Chuck Berry & Linda Ronstadt.  Other shows have                          Martha & Vandellas, also Temptations)

     MIKE HAMMER (Darrin McGavin 1958 version – episodes “Park the Body,” “Jury         of One,” “Tattoo Brute’”)

     MILLIONAIRE (“Story of Amy Moore” and two “moore” – ha ha)

     MILLION DOLLAR BOWLING (pilot w/ Gigi Perault & Henry Mancini – host Ralph        Story***not for trade***)

     MILT GRANT SHOW (D.C.’s Bandstand show 1957, Johnnie & Joe perform)

     MILTON BERLE SHOW (rare short-lived ABC 1966 comeback variety show – 2             episodes w/o/c.  One has Sam the Sham performing, the other has Peter                 & Gordon, and Bobby Rydell performing.  Football great Jim Brown                              appears, too)

     MILTON THE MONSTER SHOW (5 drops of Sinister Sauce. w/o/c)

     MINDREADERS (Dick Martin Game Show -1 nice episode w/o/c, & 1 fuzzy ep)

     MISSING LINKS (game show w/Dick Clark – couple of glitches, or missing links,        if you will – Kaye Ballard, Sam Levenson, Joel Gray, and 1 other episode

      ****NOT FOR TRADE**** – 2 total episodes including finale w/Phyllis Kirk,              Sam Levenson, Tom Poston, Nipsey Russell, Ritz Puppets and Dick Clark)

     MISTER ADAMS & EVE (4 episodes, 2 W/Commercials, Ida Lupino/Howard Duff,         also 2 more direct from film transfer – 1 has a Yogi Berra Camel ad, also rarest          ep “Taken For Granted”)

     MISTER & MRS NORTH (“These Latins,” “Till Death Do Us Part,” “House Behind          the Wall”)

     MISTER DEEDS GOES TO TOWN (short-lived seventies sitcom w/Monte                        Markham – 2 episodes)

     MISTER ED (1ST Episode, “Horse Talk”& “Leo Durocher Meets Mr. Ed,” and                    Savings Bond Promo, and also pilot with different cast. And “Wilbur Gets the            Message,” a short promo episode for US Savings Bonds. – season 1 dvd set)

     MISTER LUCKY (Several, including “That Stands for Pool” “Magnificent                        Bribe”and “The Last Laugh” not-so-lucky show which only lasted one season)


     MISTER MERLIN (sitcom pilot, Barnard Hughes stars)

     MISTER NOVAK (“1000 Voices” and “My Name Is Not Legion”)

     MISTER PEEPERS (3 Episodes, Wally Cox, Tony Randall, Marion Lorne – 1 w/o/c        also, dvd box sets – seasons 1 and 2 – season 2 has commercials intact)

     MISTER ROBERTS (5 episodes, “Unwelcome Aboard” in color, “Liberty,” “Dear             Mom,” “Love At 78 RPM,” “Don’t Look Now But Isn’t That The War?”                           starring Roger Smith)


    MISTER SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON(early sixties sitcom – Fess Parker –                 forgotten performance by Harpo Marx in this episode, another from film                     transfer with Buster Keaton – rare!! Episode called “Think Mink” – 2 eps)

     MISTER TERRIFIC (Episodes, German DVD boxset and pilot – A C T I O N!!! it’s a         “purple alert”)

     MOD SQUAD (“Belinda-End of Little Miss Bubble Gum,” w/o/c)

     MONA MCCLUSKEY (“All Dough & No Place to Go,” Juliet Prowse sitcom)

     MONEY MAZE (Nick Clooney hosts this game – George’s dad – no, really!!!)

     MONKEES (1st episode, others)

     MONOPOLY (game)

     MONSTER SQUAD (Saturday morning kid’s sitcom)

     MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS (rare sitcom pilot)

     MOREY AMSTERDAM SHOW (early TV, Dumont network, 2 eps)

     MOTHER’S DAY (Dick Van Dyke Game Show w/o/c, rare)

     MOTHERS-IN-LAW (Several, including “Seeds” episode performing hit “Pushing        too Hard” called “How Not To Manage a Rock Group”, some                                          W/Commercials – at least a dozen episodes – “All Fall Down,” “The Kids                      Move Out,” “Everyone Goes on a Honeymoon,” “And Baby Makes                                  Four,” “Jerry’s Night Out With The Boys,” “Jealousy Makes the Heart                           Grow Fonder,” “Here Comes the Bride  Again,”On Again Off Again                                Lohengrin,” “A Night to Forget,”“The Newlyweds  Move In,”“I Thought                       He’d Never Leave,” “The Great Bicycle Race,” “Through the Lurking Glass,”                “Divorce Mother-In-Law Style,” “Not Cold Enough War”, “You challenge Me                To A What?” & “Two on The Aisle” – & more – dvd box, too)

     MOVIE GAME (Larry Blyden corrupt game show w/slate)

     MOVIE MASTERS (short-lived Rayburn game show.  1 full ep, 1 inc. Peggy Cass, Kitty Carlisle, Clive Barnes)

     MOVIN’ ON (1 episode, “High Roller”)

     MRS. G. GOES TO COLLEGE/The Gertrude Berg Show (early sixties sitcom – 25           eps, with frequent co-stars Marion Ross, Peter Lorre and Aneta Corsaut)    

  1. SUNSHINE (DVD set with Matthew Perry, and also the 80s series)
  2. T. & TINA (short-lived, ill-fated Pat Morita sitcom, 1 episode)

     M-SQUAD (2 w/Lee Marvin, one has Burt Reynolds as guest star “The Teacher,”         & another with Angie Dickinson called “Diamond Hard”)

     MULLIGAN STEW (several eps of this Elinor Donahue show)

     MUNSTERS (“If a Martian Answers” w/o/c season 1 & 2 DVD box sets, too)


     MURPHY BROWN (JFK, Jr. Episode w/o/c, & Murphy returns from rehab ep)

     MUSIC BINGO (fifties rare game show, Johnny Gilbert host, w/o/c)

     MUSICAL CASHBOX (British “Name That Tune”, 5 episodes, black & white)

     MUSICAL CHAIRS (Adam Wade 70’s version w Spinners, Irene Cara, With                   Commercials, and one 1955 version hosted by Bill Leyden)

     MUSIC HOP (2 eps not for trade***-Trebek hosts 1, other alternate host)

     MUSIC SCENE (4 Episodes, 45 Minutes each, W/Commercials & counter, guests 

     include Janis Joplin, R.B. Greaves, Bobby Sherman)


     MY BIG FAT GREEK LIFE (DVD box set)

     MY FAVORITE HUSBAND (3 eps – “The Statue” and “The Painting” w/ Barry                Nelson, Vanessa Brown & Frigidaire commercials, also 1 Rare episode w/o/c             from original live show with Barry Nelson & Joan Caulfield)

     MY FAVORITE MARTIAN (1ST Episode, & “Stop the Presses” – season 1 dvd set)

     MY FRIEND, FLICKA (another pony tale)

     MY FRIEND, IRMA (3 w/ Mary Shipp, including New Year’s Eve episode)

     MY FRIEND, TONY (2 episodes, “Intermission” and “Secrets” – Late sixties hour-        long crime/drama show w/James Whitmore w/o/c color, 1 good quality,                   other not)

     MY HERO (Bob Cummings’ 1ST Sitcom, 6 Episodes, “Catering Story,” “Movie                 Star,” “Horse Trail,” “Surprise Party,” “Oil Land,” and ” Hesse Story”)

     MY LITTLE MARGIE (Gale Storm, Several, some have laugh track, including “En          Garde,”“Love Conquers All Contest,” “Millionth Member,” and “Young Vern”)

     MY LIVING DOLL (“Pilot” W/Commercials, “Uninvited Guest,” “Something                   Borrowed” “Witness”,” “Beauty Contest,” “Pool Shark,” & rarest “You’re               Not My Warden” w/ Bob Cummings/Julie Newmar – 11 episodes, and DVD box set)

   MY MOTHER, THE CAR (10 Episodes, including pilot (“Come Blow Your Horn.”

       Also “The Defenders,” “I’m Through Being A Nice Guy,” “Burned At The Steak,”          “My Son The Criminal,” “The Blabbermouth,” “Desperate Minutes,” “Might As            Well Be Spring As Not,” “Lights Camera Mother,” “What Made Auntie Freeze?”)         MY NAME’S McGOOLEY, WHAT’S YOURS? (Syndicated 60’s sitcom Australian                import “End Of the Line,” “New House,” “Affair of the Bird” – the latter                        incomplete)


   MY SISTER, EILEEN (“Elaine Stritch”, Rose Marie, Raymond Bailey sitcom                   w/o/c – 4 eps “Photography Mix-up” and “Marty’s Friend” – also pilot on                       “Award Theater” called “You Should See My Sister” – it has a different                          Eileen than the series.  Just in, the rare “The Perfect Man” episode.)

   MY SON JEEP (numerous audio episodes)

   MY THREE SONS (Black & White & Color – both ABC and CBS episodes, “My                 Friend Ernie,” “Office Mother”, “Brother Ernie” – season 1 dvd set, too)

   MY WORLD & WELCOME TO IT (William Windom sitcom, “The Ghost & Mr.                  Monroe,” “Wooing of Mr. Monroe” w/o/c,  also “The Disenchanted,” “The                      Night the House Caught Fire,” “Christabel,” and “Seal in the Bedroom”)

    “ N”

    NAKED CITY (Several, including “Button in a Haystack”)

    NAKIA (1 color ep)

    NAMEDROPPERS (game show, Lohman & Barkley host, rare!!)

    NAME’S THE SAME (Robert Q. Lewis Game/Clifton Fadiman Show, 3                             w/o/c***including Bill Cullen as panelist 8/6/52***not for trade)

    NAME THAT TUNE (George DeWitt, and piece of Tom Kennedy version, including         a rare Xmas party edition “R” rated, never aired – for staff only – like Gong                  Show on acid-very politically incorrect. 1 regular ep**not for trade**, also 2            with  Kathie Lee, also just got one with the “money tree” game)

    NANCY (“East Is East” video ep, and several AUDIO ONLY eps – 5 total video eps)

    NANNY & PROFESSOR (12 eps, including 2  “E S Putt,” and “An Element of Risk” –        these two from film, and 7 others of lesser quality, “Fowl Episode,” “1 For The       Road,” “Humanity,” “From Butch With Love,” “Starbright,” “Diller A Dollar,” “Prodigy,” “Flower Children,” “My Son the Sitter,” & “Haunted House”)

    NATIONAL VELVET (The Series, 1 Episode, from MGM)

    NAT “KING” COLE SHOW (Several)

    NBC 60 (1986’s special saluting the network)

    NBC TREE LIGHTING 1999 (w/o/c – Lauer, Roker)

    NEIGHBORS (rare Regis Philbin game show, color pilot)

    THE NERD (Dreadful unsold sitcom pilot)

    NEVER TOO YOUNG (teen soap, w/Tony Dow, w/o/c, Castaways perform “Liar,          Liar”)

    NEW ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (“Get Me Glen Campbell,” “My Friend the Mayor,”           “The Fountain”)

    NEW BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (Bob is a pilot 1961, including the pilot episode                 “Vive Le Credit,” w/o/c “Very Warm for Mayan”, “National Satin,” “La Dolce              Roma”, “North by Southeast,” and “Fasten Your Seat Belt” – Bob gets lots                of action in the cockpit)

    NEW DATING GAME (1973 syndicated version w/New Seekers as dates**not             for trade**)

    NEW DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (Several, including funny “Queasy Rider” and banned episode)

    NEW LORETTA YOUNG SHOW (2 episodes of her sitcom/drama return)

    NEW LOVE AMERICAN STYLE (“Love & the Balcony”)

    NEWHART (final episode, and season 1 DVD set)

    NEWLYWED GAME (August 1966 episode w/o/c, also 1 color ep)

    NEW NEWLYWED GAME (Jim Lange, w/o/c 1984)


    NEW PEOPLE (45 Minute Show, Pilot w/o/c – “LOST” 30 years too early!!)

    NEW PHIL SILVERS SHOW (2 Episodes, “Birthday Boy” & “75 1/2 Trombones”           w/o/c)


    NEW STEVE ALLEN SHOW (1 episode 12/29/61 see “Steve Allen Show”)

    NEW TEMPERATURE’S RISING (Paul Lynde, no close credits – “125 Yr. Old Civil           War Veteran” and 4 others – see “Temperature’s Rising”)

    NEW TREASURE HUNT ($25K win, and Geoff Edward pilot ***not for trade***) (see “Treasure Hunt”)

    NICK AND HILARY (1 ep half-hour version of “Tattingers” 1980s)


    NIGHT GALLERY (“Rare Objects”-Rod Serling’s OTHER show)

    NINE TO FIVE (sitcom based upon the movie – debut ep, & 1 other called                       “Phantom”)


    NOBODY’S PERFECT (debut ep, 1980 Ron Moody sitcom)

    NORBY (TV’s rarest sitcom, David Wayne stars as Pearson Norby, 1 ep, color)

    NORTHWEST PASSAGE (Buddy Ebsen, “The Deserter” Color)

    NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS (9episodes,“Do Me A Favor and Don’t Do Me Any,”             “Bully for Ben,” “The $100,000 Canteen,” “Stockdale’s Island”,                                      “Bloodhounds are Thicker Than Water” w/o/c,  “Oh Krupnik My                                     Krupnik,” “Hatful of Muscles,” and “Have No Uniform Will Travel,” & “Spirit of           75″ – a poor man’s Gomer Pyle)

    NOTHING IN COMMON (sitcom) 

    NOTHING IS EASY (1 episode, revamped TOGETHER WE STAND) 

    NOW YOU SEE IT (Jack Narz game show – 3 episodes, 1 w/o/c NOT 4 TRADE**)

    NUMBER PLEASE (Bud Collyer Game Show w/o/c)

    NURSES (early sixties series, 1 episode “Quality of Mercy” with Shatner)

    NUTT HOUSE (unsold pilot, like Laugh-In ahead of its time in 1962)

    N.Y.P.D. (Just NYPD, no “blue”)

    “ O”

    OBJECT IS (Dick Clark Game Show, 4 Episodes w/o/c, both formats,  including          pilot – celebs Hans Conreid, Yvonne Craig, Dwayne Hickman – pilot, Barry                   Sullivan/Arlene Dahl/Carl Ballantine, also 2 celeb format Stubby Kaye/Joan              Caulfield)

    OCCASIONAL WIFE (1ST Episode, also “The Promotion,” “Kangaroo Kandidates,”

    “I Do We Don’t”, “Secret Powdered Milk Affair” and “My Occasional                               Brother’s Keeper”)

    OCTAVIUS & ME (sitcom pilot)

    ODD COUPLE (Several, Including First, & Final episodes, and Password ep,                 seasons 1, 2 3, 4 & 5 on DVD – “Oscar’s Premonition” w/o/c, also 2015 version)     


   OFFICE (the failed Valerie Harper series, that is – 2 eps)

   OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD (2 episodes w/o/c/, “Island of the Lost” – part 1 & 2)

   OH, MADELINE (1 ep, “My Mother the Carnal”)

    OH, MY WORD (2 eps Rare Jim Lange game show, San Francisco local version             1 w/George Liberace & Cal Tjader, and 1 w/Sal Mineo & Buddy Greco)

     OH, SUSANNA (See “Gale Storm Show” – 4 Episodes, “Sing, Susanna, Sing,”                  on which she sings Dark Moon, “Susanna Takes a Husband,”  “Susanna Strikes            Back”, and the rare pilot episode)

     OH, THOSE BELLS (Rare Weire Bros. Sitcom, 2 episodes, “Money Mixup” and                 “Too Many Spooks”)

     O.K. CRACKERBY(Burl Ives Sitcom, “St. John Raid” – St. John pronounced like              “Sin-Jin”, and “Who Was That Lady I Saw You With” and “pilot” – 3 total)

     O.K. MOTHER (TV’S Earliest Surviving Game Show, rare Dumont show)

     ON BROADWAY TONIGHT (hour-long early sixties variety show, 2 pieces only)

     ONE BIG FAMILY (1980s Danny Thomas syndicated sitcom, 1 ep)

     ONE HAPPY FAMILY (2 nice episodes w/Dick Sargent, Goodson Todman                       Production “Barney Gives Dick the Business,” and “Charley Executive at                      Large” – nice quality)

     100 GRAND (early 60s prime time game show, lasted 3 weeks – audio only)

     $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (Jim Lange game show, 2 eps w/o/c)


     ONE IN A MILLION (Game Show Danny O’Neil – **embargoed – not for trade**)

     ONE MAN’S FAMILY (early fifties soap, 1 ep w/o/c – “cable from Hawaii”)

     ONE OF THE BOYS (Mickey Rooney rarity w/o/c 1982)

     ONE OF THE BOYS (1989 NBC sitcom with Maria Conchita Alonso)

     ONE STEP BEYOND (Several including Titanic episode)

     ON OUR OWN (Bess Armstrong, Dixie Carter sitcom – 3 episodes. Also 1 audio only)

     ON THE AIR (w/o/c-1st episode)

     ON THE CAROUSEL (Paul Tripp hosts)

     ON THE RUN (unsold pilot w/Jan & Dean, cameo by Liz Montgomery, announcer         is Vin Scully)

     ON YOUR ACCOUNT (1 w/Win Elliott coming soon)

     ON YOUR WAY (early game show)

     OPEN ALL NIGHT (2 episodes)

     OPEN HOUSE (2 eps 1980s sitcom)

     OPERATION: PETTICOAT (“And Out of the Sea Came A Marine”)


     OUR MAN HIGGINS (1ST Episode w/o/c blurry, and one called “Half A Higgins”             w/o/c noisy but clear)

     OUR MISS BROOKS (“Trying to Pick a Fight,” “Here is Your Past,” “King & Miss            Brooks,” “”Big Game,” “Stolen Wardrobe,” “Home-Cooked Meal,” “Big Jump,”             Many more including a Xmas episode-& WB movie based upon series!-piece       only)

     OUR PRIVATE WORLD (nighttime version of “As the World Turns” 1965 w/o/c)

     OUTER LIMITS (Several, Including #1 W/Cliff Robertson – season 1 set)

     OUTLAWS (early sixties western – 1 episode, “Sam Bass”)

     OUT OF THE BLUE (short-lived sitcom w/ Dixie Carter)


     OUTSIDERS (late sixties NBC show, Darren McGavin, reddish print w/o/c)

     OZZIE’S GIRLS (Ozzie & Harriet Nelson short-lived series – pilot,  “Harriet                     Leaves Town” “Way 2 Girl’s Heart,” “Stuff is 4 Living,” & “Candidate”-5 total)




       PANTOMIME QUIZ (3 episodes, 1 direct from film w/Mike Stokey, Vincent Price,            Hans Conreid, Jerry Lester, Elaine Stritch, Peter Donald ABC 1955 w/o/c)

       PAPER MOON (based upon movie, Jodie Foster, “Settling into the House”)

       PARADE OF STARS (Star in the House, Joan Blondell, Ellen Corby sitcom.  Was              this an unsold pilot? – see Shower of Stars)

       PARENT GAME (**embargoed episode #1** – not for trade, OTHERS ARE

        Available – 4 total)

       PARIS 7000 (1 ep George Hamilton 70s rarity)

       PARTNERS (4 Episodes, Don Adams – Pilot, “Waterloo at Napoleon,” “How Many Carats in a Grapefruit,” and unnamed other)

PARTNERS IN CRIME (2 episodes, Loni and Lynda)       

PARTRIDGE FAMILY (1 ep original, 1 “New” Partridge Family)    

       PARTY GAME (game show 1 ep, part of another)

       PASS THE LINE (game show 1954, cheapest set in TV history)

       PASSPORT TO DANGER (Cesar Romero)

       PASS THE BUCK (Bill Cullen game show)

       PASSWORD (Several CBS 1 w/o/c Betty White & Shelly Berman, and nighttime           episode #1 Carol Burnett/Garry Moore w/o/c***not for trade***, also                        ***not for trade classic Jack Paar ep w/o/c feat on Game Show outtakes                     specials, 1 Super Password w/o/c***not for trade***, 1 Password w/Jack                  Clark hosting, also Carol Burnett/Alan King w/o/c)

       PAT BOONE CHEVY SHOWROOM (W/ Chevy Commercials)

       PATRICE MUNSEL SHOW (2 episodes)

       PATTY DUKE SHOW (Several – 2 W/Commercials, “Patty Pits Wits” W/Chad &

       Jeremy, “Operation Tonsils”, “Practice Makes Perfect,” “Double Date,”& pilot              with Mark Miller as the dad – season 1&2 dvd box set)

      PAUL LYNDE SHOW (Pilot, “Congressman’s Son,” “Bare Facts,” “PS I Loathe You,” “Who’s Lib?” “Everything You Wanted To Know About Mother-In-Law,” “To                   Wed Or Not To Wed,” “An Affair to Forget,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,”                              “Unsteady Going,” “Springtime For Paul,” “Backtalk,” “Out Of Bounds,”                         “Togetherness,” “Paul’s  Desperate Hour,” “Meet Aunt Charlotte,” “Howie                      Comes Home To Roost,” “To Commune or Not To Commune,” “Landlord,”                      “How To Be Unhappy”, ”Howie’s Inheritance,” “Pollution Solution,” “Martha’s Last Hurrah”)

      PAUL REISER SHOW (debut episode)

      PAUL SAND IN FRIENDS & LOVERS (“Maid in the Snow” with Penny Marshall                And Steve Landesberg w/o/c – failed MTM sitcom)


      PAUL WINCHELL SHOW (is it a sitcom or a puppet show???Xmas episode)

      PAY CARDS (**embargoed – not for trade** 2 episodes with Celeste Holm celeb         guest – 1 EPISODE IS AVAILABLE FOR TRADE, the other is not-Nicholson/Muir            game show – see SUPER Pay Cards)

      P.D.Q. (Dennis James Game show-pilot only)

      PECK’S BAD GIRL (“Lips that Touch Lipstick” – rare sitcom)

PENNY TO A MILLION (fifties game show, 3 Bill Goodwin/Johnny Olsen ep                     w/o/c, 1 Pilot w/ Bud Collyer w/o/c – 4 total)

      PEOPLE ARE FUNNY (Art Linkletter – 1 ep)

      PEOPLE NEXT DOOR      

      PEOPLE’S CHOICE (Several, Including Xmas Show, and pilot.  Stars Jackie                     Cooper and Cleo, the talking basset hound.  First show set in a trailer park.                  Have 14 episodes, including “Wedding Proxy,” “Xmas Story,” “Pilot,” “How                   Sock Met Mandy,” “Aunt Gus Leaves Sock,” “Sock and Mandy’s Career,”                         “The Queen and Me,” “Sock and the Movie Offer,” “Sock Vs. Stone Kenyon,”                  “Sock& the Fund Raiser”, “Unseating of Councilman Sock”, “Nature Study,”

        ”Adventure of Sock,” “Sock Gives Gus Away,” “Mandy’s Male Animal,” &          “Reluctant House Guest.”)

      PERFECT MATCH (Dick Enberg – 5 episodes, all available except Episode 1***not         for trade***)

      PERFECT STRANGERS (1 episode)

      PERRY COMO SHOW(Both Versions, also 6 direct from film transfer, 2 w/o/c,               and 2 “Kraft Music Hall” episodes, too, w/o/c)

      PERRY MASON (Raymond Burr series, “Case of Desperate Daughter” – season 1 boxset)

      PERSONALITY (Larry Blyden Game Show from master w/slate)

      PERSON-TO-PERSON (Edward R. Murrow Interviews)

      PETE & GLADYS (9 Episodes, most w/o/c, “Pete’s Personality Change”,                         “Peaceful in the Country”, ”Gladys Rents the House,” “Sleepytime Wife,”                        “Follow the Skeleton,” “Hoarder the Boarder”, & “Three Loves of Gladys”, and               2 direct from film transfer including “Gladys Goes To College” w/o/c )

      PETER GUNN (Craig Stevens series)

      PETER LIND HAYES SHOW (1957 variety hour, daytime show)

      PETER LOVES MARY (20 episodes!!!!!!! of this short-lived sitcom)

      PETTICOAT JUNCTION (1ST Episode, Numerous Others Including “Please Buy My          Violets,” “Last Chance Farm,” “Bobbie Jo & The Beatnik,” “Kate’s Recipe                       for Hot Rhubarb,” “Spur Line to Shady Rest,,” “Night at the Hooterville                          Hilton,” “Herby Gets Drafted”, and sixl w/June Lockhart)

     PEYTON PLACE (1 w/o/c, and 1st season box set)

     PHILLIP MARLOWE (1959 version)

     PHIL SILVERS SHOW(Including 1 W/Original Title “You’ll Never Get Rich” &                 Camel Cigarette Commercials, Numerous others including “Rock and Roll                     Rookie” – an Elvis army spoof, and “The Con Men,” “Bilko Gets Some Sleep,”                 “Bilko and the Medium” “The Court Martial” w/o/c, “Joan’s Big Romance,” “Bilko         Talks in His Sleep,” “New Recruits”-debut episode, “Bilko Goes Around the                   World,” – also, season 1 box set)

PHYL AND MIKHY (Very rare 1980 sitcom – several episodes for Want List items only***)    

PHYLLIS (w/Barbara Colby – Pre Liz Torres…Colby dies after 3rd episode “Up for            Grabs,” “Phyllis’ Garage Sale”)

     PHYLLIS DILLER SHOW (“My Sister-In-Law Phyllis” Episode W/Commercials,               see “Pruitts of South Hampton”)

     PICK-A-BOX (Aussie black & white game show)


     PISTOLS & PETTICOATS (Ann Sheridan Died During Series Run, 17 set box set         and also episode “A Wagon Full of Wives” & “Golden Fleece” & “Shootout at                 Oday Corral”)

     PITFALL (Alex Trebek 80’s game show)

     PLACE THE FACE (Bill Cullen Game Show w/o/c – Xavier Cugat guests, & another         with Max Baer & Marilyn Maxwell, host Jack Smith also w/o/c)  

     PLAYHOUSE 90 (w/o/c, “No Time at All” 1958)

     PLAY IT AGAIN (BBC ½ Hour Special saluting Panel-type Quiz Shows)

     PLAY THE PERCENTAGES (Geoff Edwards, 1 ep)

     PLAY YOUR HUNCH (Merv Griffin Hosts this “X, Y, Z” game show, 5 eps, 1                      **not for trade***w/o/c)

     PLEASE DON’T EAT THE DAISIES (Color Episodes, “Of Haunted Houses Little                 Boys & A Ghost Named Malcolm”, “It’s Lad By A Nose,” “Big Brass Blonde,”                   “My Eldest Son” “None So Righteous” with the Righteous Brothers, “Shape                    Up or Ship Out”, ”Somewhere George Is Calling,” “Don’t Fool Around With                     The Man Upstairs,” “ Of Hitches & Stitches & Big Round Dogs”, “Purple                          Avenger”)

     PLOT THICKENS (game show)

     POINTMAN (pilot)

     POLICE SQUAD (Leslie Neilsen show inspired by “Airplane,” DVD set – all eps)

     PORTIA FACES LIFE (see “Inner Flame”)

     POWERS THAT BE (first 4 episodes)     

     PRACTICE (Funny, underrated Danny Thomas Sitcom – all 27 eps from film                    transfer – “Helen’s Beau,” “It’s All In The Head,” “Mulligan,” “The Choice,” “Loan,”  “Jules & The Bum,” “ The Vote,” “Oh, Brother,” “Jules & Eddie,” “A Doctor’s          Doctor,” “Jules & Lenny,” “”Love & Death,” “Judy Sinclair,” etc., and the pilot w/o/c.

     PRESS YOUR LUCK (two-part Mike Larson episode, also 1 w/o/c from final week,          and 1st and last shows)

     PRICE IS RIGHT (Bill Cullen Version some NBC, 1 1958 w/o/c**embargoed**),            Also, 1 daytime ep 3/10/57,  One ABC 1964, 1ST Barker version With                         Commercials 9/72 and 1st hour-long Barker version w/timing strip, 2 with                    Dennis James, and 1 Tom Kennedy, too, and 1 w/Merv in for Cullen, 6 w/Jack              Clark for Cullen w/o/c – guest Dennis O’Keefe, Dorothy Lamour, Anita Louise & Art     Treacher – all Jack Clark eps w/o/c)

     PRICE IS RIGHT (1 ep of short-lived Doug Davidson version)

     PRIDE OF THE FAMILY (Natalie Wood/Fay Wray/ Paul Hartman – 2 Episodes, one          titled “Albie Helps the Lovelorn”, the other about a mistaken suicide                              attempt “Pilot Episode,” is w/o/c)

     PRISONER (1st Episode)

     PRIVATE BENJAMIN (sitcom based upon movie, “How 2 Succeed in Civilian Life”)

     PRIVATE SECRETARY/SUSIE – 1 with original opening credits and title “Little Acorn that Didn’t Grow” (**Only for items on my want list**) 10 episodes, “Two Weeks with Pay,” “New                       Playwright,” “7 Out of 10,” “Shrinking Vi,” “Not Quite Paradise,” “3’s A Crowd,” “Efficiency Expert,” “Susie’s Crusade,” “Tangled Web,” “What Every Secretary Knows”


     PROFESSIONAL FATHER (Early Barbara Billingsley Sitcom, “Fishing Trip” episode)

     PROTECTORS (Robert Vaughn Oddity, volume is low but watchable)

     PRUITTS OF SOUTH HAMPTON (Pilot and “Phyllis Queen of the Road” w/ L & M            Cigarette Commercials, See “Phyllis Diller Show”)

     PSYCH (season 1, 2, 3 and 4 box set)

     PUPPETMAN (Unsold pilot)

     PURE INSANITY (game)

     PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (1987, 2 eps)

     PYRAMID (episode of $25K, $10K, $50K, $100K – just got 2 more $25K w/Bill                Cullen – just got final CBS episode w/o/c 1987, and return show CBS w/o/c)     


     QUARK (all eps)

     QUEEN FOR A DAY (game show/weep-fest- like Oprah in black & white)

     QUICK AS A FLASH (Bill Cullen)

     QUICK ON THE DRAW (Paul Winchell)

     QUINCY (season 1 DVD box set)

     QUIZ KIDS (w/Joe Kelly & guest Milton Berle)

     QUIZ KIDS CHALLENGE (incomplete)

     “ R”


     RACKET SQUAD (Xmas episode)

     RAISING MIRANDA (1 episode)

     RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE (1 episode)

     RANGE RIDER (1 episode)

     RANGO (5 Episodes, “If You Can’t Take It with You Don’t Go, “Spy Who Was Out Cold,” “Safe Crackers” , “In A Little Mexican Town” and “It Ain’t The Principle It’s The Money”-1 W/Commercials)

     RAT PATROL (pilot)

     RAWHIDE (western, Clint Eastwood, “Incident of Wild Deuces”)

     RAY ANTHONY SHOW (Hour Long Variety W/Commercials)

     RAY BOLGER SHOW (see “Where’s Raymond” – 5 episodes)

     RAY MILLAND SHOW (4 episodes…see “Meet Mr. McNutley”)

     REACH FOR THE TOP (2 Trebek episodes, **not for trade**, 1 Bill Guest)

     READER’S DIGEST WORD CHALLENGE 2006 (Al Roker kid’s challenge for $50K)

     READY, STEADY, GO (Several)

     REAL MCCOYS (Several, Including Syndicated “McCoys” version, & 1st, 2nd & 3rd             season DVD set, some from lone CBS year with different theme)

     REBEL (3 episodes, 1 Titled “The Unwanted”, another w/o/c)

     REBUS GAME (1 rare episode, ***not for trade*** – Jack Linkletter hosts w/o/c)

     RED BUTTONS SHOW (w/o/c, 2 episodes)


     RED HAND GANG (DVD box set)

     RED SKELTON SHOW (½ hour ep w/Edward Everett Horton, CBS 1968 w/Lulu              w/o/c – hour episode, ½ hour ep also from 1950 NBC season – grainy)

     REGGIE (1 ep Richard Mulligan 80s sitcom)

     REEL GAME (final episode w/Jack Barry video w/o/c, 1st episode AUDIO only)

     RELATIVELY SPEAKING (John Byner game show – 9/5/88)

     REPORT TO MURPHY (Michael Keaton sitcom, 1 ep)

     REPORTER (“Extension Seven” – Harry Guardino)

     RESCUE 8 (several)

     RESTLESS GUN (1 episode)

     RHODA (1st Episode, wedding, Season 1 DVD set)

     RHYME & REASON (Bob Eubanks Game Show, Jaye P. Morgan uncensored, pilot)

     RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE EYE (David Janssen, 1 w/o/c, several others,                 including a couple under title “Call Mr. D.”)

     RICOCHET RABBIT CARTOON (“Will of the Whip”)

     RIDDLERS (Game Show pilot w/ David Letterman host – funny show)

     RIFLEMAN (Chuck Connors/Johnny Crawford western, several)

     RIN TIN TIN (woof!)

     RITA MORENO SHOW (one shot aired pilot)

     RIVERBOAT (W/Burt Reynolds)

     ROARING TWENTIES (From Warner Bros – 2 episodes)

     ROBIN HOOD (Black & White, 3 Episodes)


     ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER (Richard Crane, “Forbidden Moon”)


     ROGUES (quality is iffy, black & white)

     ROLLER GIRLS (sitcom, 1 ep)

     ROLL OUT (pilot-nice quality, w/ Stu Gilliam, and several eps from regular series – “Didn’t He Ramble,” “Paper Caper,” “Sweet Millions,” and “Members of the                                                         Wedding.”)                                                                                                                

     ROOKIES (season 1 DVD set)

     ROOMIES (1 ep, pilot, Billy Vera sings the theme)

     ROOM FOR ONE MORE (12 Episodes, “Right Wrong Number,”“ Too Many                        Parents,” “Danger Man At Work,” “Little Schoolhouse in the Red,” “A New                    Twist,” “Pilot,” “Love Thy Neighbor,” “What Is It,” “Seated One Day at                          the Organ,” “Girl From Sweden,” “Angel in the Attic,” “Trip to the Beach”, and              4 direct from film transfer including “Bonjour Rose Family” & “Little People”)

     ROOM 222 (Karen Valentine, 1st Episode “Richie’s Story” & 1 with Bruno Kirby, &          dvd set season 1)



     ROSETTI & RYAN (short-lived 70’s crime show, 1 ep)

     ROUNDERS (middle sixties western sitcom, 3 episodes, including “Don’t Buffalo Me,” “You Hold Your Temper,” and “Ben’s Gas Station”)


    ROUTE 66 (NBC 1993 Remake W/Dan Cortes, & Several Originals including pilot          w/o/c – season 1 box set on DVD)

     ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN (25thAnniversary special w/o/c- 60 mins., also ep  with Nixon)


     ROY ROGERS SHOW (Roy, Dale, Trigger & Jerry Mathers as the Beaver…oops)  

     ROY ROGERS/DALE EVANS SHOW (ABC 1962 series, 1 ep)

     RUGGLES (early sitcom, no laugh track, 2 episodes, 1 Xmas, 1 Chuck’s Birthday)

     RUN, BUDDY, RUN (4 episodes from film transfer “One of Those Days/Steam                Bath & Chicken Little”,” “Dying is My Life,” “Win Place Die,”“ Grand Hotel,”                   Other  Episodes of lesser quality, “I Want A Piece of that Boy,” & “Buddy                        Overstreet Please Forgive Me,” “Wild Wild Wake”)             

     RUN FOR THE MONEY (Game show)

     RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (“Treasure Seekers,” “Time & a Half on Xmas Eve”)


     SAINT (pilot)

     SAINTS & SINNERS (Barbara Eden guest stars)

     SALE OF THE CENTURY (80’s version w/Jim Perry, nice quality, 3 eps, including            1st and final w/o/c, and 1 Aussie version 1980)

     SALE OF THE CENTURY (Jack Kelly sixties version, AUDIO only)

     SALLY (***super rare sitcom*** 1 episode, “The Sheik”***not for trade)

     SAM BENEDICT (1 episode)

     SANCHEZ OF BEL AIR (1 ep short-lived 1980s syndicated sitcom)

     SANDY BECKER SHOW (NYC kid’s show, half-hour of hour show)

     SANDY DUNCAN SHOW (2 episodes, 1 “Richard the 3rd” nice w/o/c, also “Write             On” – See “Funny Face.” Both shows had same theme song and similar                          opening credits, but different casts – pass the Wheat Thins, Sandy!!!)

     SANFORD (several)

     SANFORD AND SON (box set DVD)

     SANFORD ARMS (“Phil’s Past”)           

     SAN FRANCISCO BEAT (a.k.a. “The Lineup”)

     SARA (sitcom)    

     SARGE (2 eps)

     SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (episode 1)

     SAWDUST (Unsold sitcom pilot)

     SAY WHEN (Art James, Black & White Premiere Episode)

     SCARECROW & MRS. KING (episode 1)

     SCATTERGORIES (1st ep of this short-lived Dick Clark 90’s game show w/o/c)

     SCRABBLE (1st and last episodes)

     SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE (see Charlie Farrell Show, also “Hal Roach                 Presents”)                                                                                                 

     SEA HUNT (Several “all wet” episodes)

     SEARCH (W/Late Tony Franciosa, 1 ep, “Let Us Prey” w/o/c)

     SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (soap, 9/5/60, also 1 episode w/o/c circa 1952 – 2                total eps)

     SECOND CHANCE (1976 pilot)

     SECOND CHANCE (sitcom, 2 eps 1987)

     SECOND HUNDRED YEARS (episode, “No Experience Necessary”, “House That              Needed a Carpenter,” “For Whom the Drums Beat,” “Abominable Iceman”)

     SEDAKA TV SPECIAL (1976 w/o/c, **NOT FOR TRADE**)

     SEINFELD (“Pigman” w/o/c, also season 2 boxset)

     SENSE & NONSENSE (Rare Dumont Game Show 1954)

     SENSE OR NONSENSE (Paul Winchell game show pilot, nice quality)

     SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (series – 1 ep)    

SEVEN KEYS (Jack Narz Game Show, 2 better quality w/o/c, 1 Poor Quality,                  Rare show – 3 total)

     77 SUNSET STRIP (Richard Long, Edd Byrnes, Roger Smith-WB)

     77th BENGAL LANCERS (“Relentless Man” w/o/c)

     SHADOW STUMPERS (1952 game show from Baltimore)



     SHENANIGANS (Stubby Kaye Kid’s Game Show W/Commercials, excuse to sell               Toys)

     SHERLOCK HOLMES (Black & White, Several, elementary my dear Watson)

     SHE’S THE SHERIFF (“Dinsmore’s Wedding” from master tape – have MOST of the 2 seasons, most great quality, plus Cass Malloy rare pilot)

     SHIRLEY (Xmas ep)

     SHIRLEY’S WORLD (Shirley MacLaine bomb-in a previous life, complete)

     SHOOT FOR THE STARS (3 episodes, Geoff Edwards 2 pilots as Shoot the Works,          1incomplete regular episode w/o/c)

     SHOTGUN SLADE (western)

     SHOWER OF STARS (see Parade of Stars – one half-hour episode, one hour                    episode)

     SHOWTIME 1968 (Dave Clark Five, Buddy Greco)

     SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO (Larks, Clovers, Ruth Brown, Amos Milburn)

     SHOWOFFS (Bobby Van Game Show, fair quality)

     SIMON SAYS (Bob Barker game show pilot)

     SINGER FOUR STAR PLAYHOUSE (W/ David Niven, “Tunnel Of Fear” w/o/c &                 “Madeira Madeira” with Charles Boyer)

     SIROTA’S COURT (Audio copy of one episode – rare – “Snake & the Old People”)

     SIX O’CLOCK FOLLIES (1980 M*A*S*H-like sitcom set in Vietnam)

     $64K QUESTION & CHALLENGE (Both W/Commercials – 2 Challenge                                 Episodes (Sonny Fox & Ralph Story, 2 Question episodes, & 1 rare one                             w/timing strip with Myrtle “the baseball expert” winning $32k.)          

      SKY KING (3 Episodes)

      SLAP MAXWELL      

      SLATTERY’S PEOPLE (3 eps Richard Crenna, Ed Asner, Episodes “Remember the Dark Sins of Youth” – quite risque for 1964, “When Do We Hang the Good Samaritan,” and “Children of Calamity.”)

      SMALL AND FRYE (all 6 eps)


      SMITH FAMILY (pilot, Henry Fonda, Ron Howard, Janet Blair, and “Rogue Cop”-            Don Fedderson show – 4 total eps)

     SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW (Sitcom, Black & White, Several Episodes, Tom is             an angel- “I Wouldn’t Miss My Own Funeral For Anything,” “Rise & Fall Of The             Wedding Cake,  pilot episode  available, too “There’s Something About A                       Sailor”“It Don’t Mean a Dang” – and “Girl From R.A.L.P.H.” w/o/c )      


     SNAGGLEPUSS CARTOON (“exit, stage left, stage right even…”)


     SOLDIERS (rare fifties sitcom, pilot episode?)

     SOMETHING WILDER (1 ep of this Gene Wilder sitcom)

     SONNY & CHER COMEDY HOUR (from TV LAND, 1 ep w/Karras and Buzzi)

     SO THIS IS HOLLYWOOD (rare fifties sitcom – 2 episodes 1 w/o/c “Friend In                  Need”-other is “Queenie & the Dimpled Darling”)

     SOUPY SALES SHOW (New Version)

     SPENSER FOR HIRE (1 episode)

     SPIKE JONES SHOW (w/o/c – also see Spike on Colgate Comedy Hour)

     SPLIT PERSONALITY (game show, **embargoed – not for trade – ** Tom Poston           clumsily hosts** – a better panelist and actor)

     SPLIT SECOND (final episode, Tom Kennedy-fuzzy, also almost complete spring            ‘75 episode, and 1 very early black & white ep – 3 eps total)


     SQUARE PEGS    

     STACCATO (a.k.a. “Johnny Staccato,” Several)

     STAGECOAST WEST (Early Wayne Rogers Western)

     STAGE SHOW (Dorsey Bros., Several)

     STAND UP & BE COUNTED (zzzzz game show)

     STANLEY (***12 EXTREMELY RARE kinescopes with Buddy Hackett, Carol Burnett, Dick Gautier, several w/o/c – WILL ONLY TRADE FOR ITEMS ON MY WANT LIST*****- also DVD box set with bug – ALL 19 episodes)

     STAR GAMES (8/16/85-Love Boat vs Playboy vs Not Necessarily the News)

     STARSKY & HUTCH (season 1 DVD)

     STAR OF THE FAMILY (Peter Lind Hayes/Mary Healy, Very Dark Almost                           Unwatchable w/o/c)

     STAR OF THE FAMILY (80s sitcom)   

     STARLAND VOCAL BAND SHOW (1 fuzzy ep)

     STARTING FROM SCRATCH (80s sitcom 1 ep)


     STEVE ALLEN SHOW (1 w/o/c 1962, also 12/29/60 w/Frankie Avalon & Connie              Francis, & 1 1953 episode-precursor to Tonight Show, & 1from  6/58 w/o/c)

     STEVE LAWRENCE SHOW (variety, w/o/c guest Lucille Ball, fuzzy kinescope)

     STIR CRAZY (pilot for hour-long TV show)


     STOCKARD CHANNING SHOW (1 ep, plus DVD set)

     STONEY BURKE (Jack Lord, 3  Episodes-“Matter of Pride,” ”Journey” & “Cat’s Eye” – DVD box set)

     STOP THE MUSIC (game show with Bill Leyden, also early 50s version, 2 eps hosted by Bert Parks)

     STORYBOOK SQUARES (game show)

     STRAIGHTAWAY (a.k.a “The Racers” 1 episode w/o/c, John Ashley sings one of             his rockabilly 45s on this show – he did several).

     STRICTLY 4 LAUGHS (Dave Barry hosts lots of B-list comedians & their jokes)

     STRIKE FORCE (aka Silent Force – 1 ep)

     STRIKE IT RICH (Warren Hull Game Show, 2 episodes, also 1 Garagiola version)

     STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (***short-lived Jack Elam sitcom, nice quality, all 3 aired episodes w/o/c – WILL ONLY TRADE FOR ITEMS ON MY WANT LIST***)


     STU ERWIN SHOW (a.k.a. “Trouble with Father,” Several 2 w/o/c – “Great                     Debate,” “A Very Rainy Day”)

     STUMPERS (Allen Ludden game show, 2 eps)

     STUMP THE STARS (Mike Stokey, volume flutters, 3 nice others – 1 with Fabian)

     SUGARFOOT (“Return of the Canary Kid”, and episode 1)

     SUGARTIME (sitcom)

     SUPER CHICKEN CARTOON (buck, buck, buckaw)


     SUPERMAN (1ST Episode, George Reeves – season 5 & 6 set)

     SUPERMARKET SWEEP (90’s version w/Ruprecht, 1 jumpy black & white original          with Bill Malone also from middle sixties, 1 better short 10 minute ep – man does             not live by Bill Malone) 

     SUPER PASSWORD (1 w/slate, NOT 4 TRADE***)

     SUPER PAY CARDS (1 blurry ep – see “Pay Cards”, 1 really nice ep**not 4           trade**)


     SURFSIDE SIX (WB eye candy)

     SUSIE (Syndicated Version of “Private Secretary”, see “Private Secretary” for               episodes – also see “Ann Sothern Show”)

     SUSPENSE (two episodes, 1 with Wally Cox and Jackie Cooper)

     SUSPENSE THEATER (“The Hunt”)


     SWEEPSTAKES (two rare episodes for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY***)


     SWEET TALKING GUYS (NYC disc jockey salute w/timing strip)        

     SWEET SURRENDER (1980s sitcom Dana Delany, Marjorie Lord, 1 ep)

     SWINGIN’ TIME (music show with Kim Weston, Dee Dee Sharp, others & full shows, too)

     SWITCH (Wagner & Albert, “Stung From Beyond”)

     SYLVAN IN PARADISE (Unsold Jim Nabors, Courtney Cox sitcom)


     TAB HUNTER SHOW (“Portia Go Home” w/o/c, “Me & My Shadow” and a fuzzy

       “The Invitation.” – 3 total)

     TABITHA (Tabitha catches a cold which messes with her powers – DVD box set)

     TAKE A GIANT STEP (See “Giant Step” – Bert Parks game show)

     TAKE FIVE (debut ep 1980s George Segal sitcom)

     TAKE A GOOD LOOK (painful Ernie Kovacs Game Show. 2 eps w/o/c )

     TAKE MY WORD FOR IT (game show, remake of “Oh, My Word”, but in color – 2              episodes, Panel # 1 Lockhart, Jump, Roker, Bowzer, Panel # 2 – Jump,                          Lockhart, Raggio, Kline)

     TAKE TWO (rare 1963 game show w/Don McNeill – grainy)


     TALES OF WELLS FARGO (1 episode w/o/c)

     TALKING PICTURES (Allen Ludden pilot that should have clicked)

     TALL MAN (Barry Sullivan show – 2 episodes – Billy the Kid & Pat Garrett)

     TAMI SHOW – (Concert featuring many R&B and soul performers)

     TAMMY (Debbie Watson who was also” Karen”, complete set of episodes)

     TAMMY GRIMES SHOW (“How to Steal a Girl” and “Officer’s Mess”, co-starring              Dick Sargent)

     TANNER ’88 (DVD set)

     TARGET: THE CORRUPTORS (“Journey into Mourning”)

     TARZAN (“TIGER TIGER,” and “THE CONVERT” with Diana Ross)

     TATE (short-lived western, “The Gunfighters”)

     TATTLETALES (W/Bert Convy, 4 episodes, 1 w/young, unknown Jay Leno guest,            also Bob Crane, also two***not for trade***w/Bill Cullen & wife, Chuck                       Woollery & wife, Allen Ludden & Betty White, and 1 w/Vic Tayback and                         Fabian)

     TAXI (First Episode, & season 2 box set)

     TEACHERS ONLY (1 ep, Lynn Redgrave)

     TED KNIGHT SHOW (***3 of 6 aired episodes w/o/c, rare CBS short-lived 70s sitcom – Ted owns escort service – – “Sweet 16,” “Honeymoon Game,” “Strike,” WILL ONLY TRADE FOR WANT LIST ITEMS*****)        

     TED KNIGHT SHOW (the syndicated title of TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT)

     TED MACK’S AMATEUR HOUR (1968 Episode, only half an hour long, go figure)

     TELEPHONE TIME (“Picture of the Magi” -Xmas episode, half-hour)

     TELEVISION (multi-part 1988 PBS special hosted by Hugh Downs)


     TELL IT TO GROUCHO (W/ Polident Commercials, and Fabian)

     TEMPERATURE’S RISING (James Whitmore, Cleavon Little – see “New” Temps                 Rising – 1 ep original version, “RX Nose Job”)

     TEMPTATION (Art James, Black & White Game Show – 3 episodes, 1                                  embargoed – not for trade** and 2 are for trade.  The rarest is episode #11) 

     TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD DAYTIME SHOW (rare, 1 ep, w/Jim Lange)


     $10,000 SWEEP (game show)

     TENSPEED & BROWNSHOE                   


     TEXACO ACADEMICS CHAMPIONSHIP (much like “It’s Academic”)

     TEXACO STAR THEATER (Uncle Miltie)

     TEXAN (1 episode)   

     TEXAS WHEELERS (Another Short-lived Jack Elam sitcom, 1 ep)

     THAT GIRL (Several, including unaired pilot, “Soot Yourself,” and “Great Guy”,           Season one dvd set – and Xmas episode)

       THAT GIRL IN WONDERLAND (cartoon special 1973 based on Marlo series)

       THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS (British version, 1 ep)

       THAT’S MY MAMA (Clifton Davis, 3 Episodes, “Clifton’s Dubious Romance”,                    “Mama Gets Fractured” and “The Last Haircut”  – “BARBERSHOP” 30 years                    too early!! – and 26 episodes on DVD)

     T.H.E. CAT (Unaired Pilot)

     THEN CAME BRONSON (“The Runner” – first episode w/Jack Klugman)

     THICKER THAN WATER (sitcom, 1st episode, Richard Long, fuzzy)

     THIN MAN (Peter Lawford, 3 Episodes)

     THIRD MAN (w/Jonathan Harris – “A Question in Ice”)

     13 QUEENS BLVD (rare seventies sitcom, 4 eps, both casts, including “Playing Around” and “Reunion.”)

     THIS IS ALICE (1958 sitcom, 6 episodes – “Elephant,” “Freedom of the Press,”              “Alice Plays Cupid,” “Guest in the House,” from Desilu Productions – most eps               co-star a young Kathy Garver, later Cissy on “Family Affair” – also 1 ultra rare              episode direct from film transfer “Man’s Best Friend”- & “Xmas Story” )

     THIS IS SHOW BUSINESS (semi-game show w/o/c, black& white)

     THIS IS THE LAW (not for trade***)

     THIS IS YOUR LIFE (W/Laurel & Hardy, Bobby Darin also)


     THOSE WHITING GIRLS (summer replacement for “I Love Lucy” -3 episodes                 w/o/c, “Margaret’s Romance,” “Old Clunker,” “Barbara’s Love Song”)

     THREE FOR THE MONEY (Dick Enberg-short-lived game show, 1 nice episode, 1             fuzzy – 2 total)

     THREE ON A MATCH (6 episodes w/Bill Cullen, 5 very decent quality                                w/o/c consecutive shows 2/1974, 1 3/73 good quality with slate, and one                 other poor quality)

     THREE THOUSAND POUND QUESTION (Aussie black & white game show)

     THRILLER (4 episodes with Boris Karloff)


     TICKETS, PLEASE (Cleavon Little sitcom pilot)

     TIC TAC DOUGH (1 Win Elliott w/o/c-complete ep!!

       Also another 50’S Version, No Open/Close Credits, 1 later version                                   11/18/78 w/o/c. 1 rare ep with Jack Barry hosting ***NOT FOR TRADE***)

     TIGHTROPE (Mike Connors 2/2/60, “Three to Make Ready” w/o/c)

     TIM CONWAY COMEDY HOUR (2 episodes w/o/c – Carol Burnett/Steve Lawrence, also Judy Carne/Merv Griffin)

     TIM CONWAY SHOW (seventies sitcom, Tim and Joe Flynn are pilots, episode                   called “All of Our Aircraft Is Missing” and one untitled other)


     TIME EXPRESS (Final episode of 4 in this short-lived 1979 series)

     TIME MACHINE (game show, hosted by John Davidson, 1 ep)

     TIME TUNNEL (several, including” Last Patrol,” “Kidnappers,” “Town of Terror,”             “One Way to the Moon,” “End of the World” -James Darren stars)

     TOAST OF THE TOWN (full 12/18/49 w/ George Kirby w/o/c, plus piece of                     another from ‘49)

TOGETHER WE STAND (Elliot Gould sitcom, 1 episode)    

TOMA (1 episode of this Tony Musante show – “Oberon Contract”)

     TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET (yes, he was a space cadet, indeed, co-star Frank               Sutton of Gomer Pyle)

     TOM EWELL SHOW (rare sitcom 11 episodes, including “Big Brother”, “Chutney               Caper,” “Trouble With Mother,” “I Don’t See It,” “Put It On Take It Off”,                        “Our Vacation”,” Mr. Memory”, “Never Do Business With Relatives”,                               “Debbie’s Tuba,” and “A Fellow Needs a Friend”)

     TOMORROW SHOW (W/Tom Snyder and old radio stars as guests, 1975 NBC)

     TOM TERRIFIC CARTOONS (Cap’n Kangaroo Bits, too, & “Mighty Manfred”)

     TONIGHT SHOW (Final Carson show, First Leno show w/Billy Crystal guest,                     complete show w/o/c 2/73 with Bobby Darin & Seals & Crofts, 1st & last Conan,         final Jay 2009)

     TONY MARTIN SHOW (W/Commercials)

     TONY RANDALL SHOW (30  episodes,  funny show from MTM, Xmas ep “O Come             All Ye Wastrels” w/o/c & “Franklin In Love” w/o/c, “Facing Up vs. Hiding”w/o/c  also “Money Vs. Stature,” I Live To Dance,” “Way It Was,” “Eyes of the Law”, “Prodigal Son Returns,” “Kid’s Rights”,etc.)

     TOOTER TURTLE (cartoon)

     TOPPER (Several Including Premiere Episode, and 1 w/o/c “Las Vegas” – also         “Car Episode,” and “Henrietta Sells the House”)

     TO ROME WITH LOVE (“My Daughter Penny” episode, John Forsythe rarity – also            “Beautiful People” – more Don Fedderson dreck)

     TORTELLI’S (“The Ad Game,” “Viva Las Vegas”)

     TO SAY THE LEAST (over 30 original eps w/o/c***for Want List items ONLY***)

     TO TELL THE TRUTH (Several, including Supremes as guests, and Berry Gordy                Founder of Motown.  Bud Collyer original-black n white, one color Bud                          Collyer, 1 Color version hosted by Garry Moore & Joe Garagiola – and 3 with                 guest host Jim Fleming from 1960 w/o/c, and 1 from 11/18/78 w/o/c                         and***not for trade episode # 2 1956 w/o/c, Bill Cullen as panelist 1st time                10/19/65***not for trade, and pilot as ‘ Nothing But The Truth”- and 4                        recently acquired episodes direct from film w/o/c 5/14/57, 7/16/57,                           11/5/57  and ½1/58, and most of 1 episode w/Jack Clark guest hosting – and

 Alan Freed episode, too)      

     TOUGH COOKIES (Short-lived Robby Benson sitcom)

     TOWNIES (Several, with Ringwald, Elfman, Ferrell)

     TRACKDOWN (Robert Culp’s first series)

     TRAVELS OF JAMIE MCPHEETERS (2 episodes, a very young Kurt Russell – “Day of the Leaving” & “Day of the Tin Trumpet”)

     TREASURE HUNT (Jan Murray Version, & “New” Geoff Edwards version 1 of each)

     TREASURE ISLE (John Bartholemew Tucker Game Show, 2 episodes w/o/c)

     TREASURE MALL (Game Show w/Ed MacKay and Hal Sparks)

     TREASURY MEN IN ACTION (early TV drama)


     TRIALS OF O’BRIEN (Peter Falk show of the sixties, pilot ep)

     TRIVIA TRAP (Bob Eubanks game show, w/o/c** NOT 4 TRADE*** w/slate,                 Jayne Meadows, Vicki Lawrence, Betty White, Jamie Farr, Tom Poston, Bill                   Cullen)

     TROUBLE WITH LARRY (pilot w/o/c)

     TROUBLE WITH TRACY (dreadful but rare Canadian sitcom, 1 ep)

     TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (Bob Barker, 5 Episodes, 1 Color, 2 Black & White,               1 with Ralph Edwards on which Bob Barker is introduced as new host, and 1

        from 1966 w/o/c, also 1 with Bob Hilton hosting, 1 1951 ep w/Ralph                            Edwards, 1 with Jack Bailey)

     TUGBOAT ANNIE (rare 1958 syndicated sitcom, 2 episodes, “Romance of                        Bullwinkle” and “Operation: Hotcake”)

     TURNABOUT (unusual seventies sitcom, pilot called “Penny’s Old Boyfriend”& 3            more)

     TV HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS (1986 w/o/c)

     TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH (“Massacre”)


     TWENTY ONE (Stempel Takes A Dive Episode, inspired movie “Quiz Show” and              one other with Mr. Snodgrass who sent the letter with answers to himself,                   also have CBS fifties pilot)

     TWENTY QUESTIONS (fifties Dumont game show, and new version hosted by                Jack Clark w/Anne Meara, Gene Shalit and Tony Roberts)

     TWILIGHT ZONE (“The Fugitive”)

     TWISTERS (Jim Perry pilot game show)

     TWO FOR THE MONEY (Sam Levenson W/Ed MacMahon’s 1st TV Appearance, also          boring Herb Shriner Episodes 2 w/o/c cigarette sponsor – one has Fred Allen                filling in)   

      TWO GIRLS NAMED SMITH (***not for trade***Extremely rare kinescope early live TV series).

      TWO IN LOVE (rare Bert Parks game show circa 1954)

      TWO OF A KIND (sitcom w/ Olsen Twins w/o/c)



      UGLIEST GIRL IN TOWN (same premise as “Bosom Buddies,” years earlier “My             Sister the Genius” and “Paris Incident”)

      ULTIMATE FAN SEARCH (TV Land, Chuck Woolery Hosts)

      UNDER ONE ROOF (1 ep 80s sitcom)

      UNITED STATES     

      UNTOUCHABLES (Robert Stack, Several Including “Cooker in the Sky”)


      VALENTINE’S DAY (Early Jack Soo Sitcom, “Follow the Broken Pretzel” – guest                 Marlo Thomas and 5 others, “The Double Shamaguchi” w/o/c, “Pilot(Life                      You Save Is Yours),”“ ”Bride & Gloom,” “2 Weeks With Pay,” and “Yen Ku                      Horowitz” & “Me & My Sal” with athlete Jim Brown- 7 eps total)

      VALERIE (1 episode, see “Hogan Family”)

      VALIANT LADY (soap 12/8/53)

      VAN DYKE SHOW (short-lived sitcom, 80’s, w/son Barry Van Dyke) 


      VIDEO VILLAGE (1 Jack Narz Version W/Commercials, 1 w/Red Rowe w/o/c, 1 with Monty Hall – 3 total, see Junior)

      VIDEO VILLAGE, JUNIOR (kid’s version of this Monty Hall game show 1962 – 1              ep – 2 episodes, 1 ***NOT FOR TRADE***, other OK)


      VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (4 Black & White Episodes)


      WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY (Jack Warden, Gary Collins Hour-Long Color                     Sitcom, Based Upon Movie, Quality Iffy, no laugh track, also 1 B & W print                    “The Day The Crew Paced The Deck”- show wasn’t wacky enough, and failed)

      WAGON TRAIN (Color)

      WAIT ‘TIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME (animated sitcom, Voice of Tom Bosley as                Dad, “The Fling”)

      WALKIN’ WALTER (unsold sitcom pilot)


      WALTER WINCHELL SHOW (interviews)

      WALTONS (episode 1-good night John Boy…have that mole checked!!!)

      WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (Steve McQueen, debut ep, “Martin Poster”)

      WAREHOUSE 13

      WASHINGTOON (Cable sitcom, 1 ep)

      WAY OUT (a poor man’s Twilight Zone)

      WAY OUT GAMES (***not for trade***, Sonny Fox is host, iffy quality)




      WELCOME BACK, KOTTER (episode 1, more Jimmy Komack dreck, DVD set)

      WENDY & ME (George Burns/Connie Stevens Sitcom, MANY episodes, including “Wendy Sails in the Sunset” with guest Raquel Welch).  

      WESTERNER (Brian Keith)

      WESTINGHOUSE DESILU PLAYHOUSE (“Man in the Funny Suit”)

      WESTINGHOUSE PLAYHOUSE (see ”Yes, Yes, Nanette,” 5 Episodes)


      WEST POINT STORY (“Right to Choose” – very fuzzy)

      WE’VE GOT EACH OTHER (audio of one complete episode, MTM sitcom)

      WE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (Jack Barry game)     


      WHAT DO YOU WANT (Groucho game show pilot)

      WHAT IN THE WORLD? (Stuffy panel game show, very erudite)

      WHAT’S GOIN’ ON? (Game Show – 3 eps)

      WHAT’S HAPPENING (“Making Out”, and season 2 DVD set)

      WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, WORLD? (The Turtles on one, Sonny Charles &                             Checkmates on another ep with Eve Arden & Kaye Ballard – 2 total eps)

      WHAT’S MY LINE? (several with John Daly (including Bobby Darin              on                Panel, and as Mystery Guest)  black & white, 3 w/o/c 1955(mystery                              guest Arnold Stang and 1965 w/o/c episode w/mystery guest Barbra                            Streisand-has timing strip, one undated with Peter Lorre as Mystery Guest,                  also Several with Wally Bruner/Larry Blyden –  Color Version, 1 b/w ep***not             for trade** features Johnny Olson as surprise mystery guest, w/o/c.

      Other mystery guests include Judy Holiday, Abe Burrows, Mort Sahl, the late                Phil Rizzuto, Elizabeth Ashley, Buddy Hackett, Diahann Carroll, Janet Leigh,                 Game show hosts Rayburn, Ludden, Collyer and McMahon, Van Johnson,                      Bobby  Darin, Tab Hunter, Jane Fonda, Johnny Mercer, Arnold Stang, Andre                  Kostelanetz, Fred MacMurray & June Haver, Maurice Chevalier, Henry Fonda,               James Earl Jones, Michael Caine, Bob Keeshan, Stiller & Meara, Dick Cavett,                 Big Bird, Elliott Roosevelt – also ep after Kilgallen dies.)

     WHAT’S THE NAME OF THIS SONG? (L.A. version with “Win” Martindale, piece only with guests Kathy Nolan and Jack Ging**not for trade**)   

     WHAT’S THIS SONG? (“Win” Martindale game show – short color piece-yes, WIN          also full episode with Carol Lawrence and Mel Torme as guests**not for        trade**)

     WHAT’S YOUR BID? (Game show 2 eps w/o/c – Liberal Bill As host- there’s a                   name that wouldn’t work nowadays!!)

     WHEEL OF FORTUNE (2 W/Chuck Woolery/Susan Stafford, 1 1980 w/o/c, also 1st          w/Vanna named official co-host 1982, also “Betty White ep in for Vanna                       White**not for trade** – also 1st Sajak episode, 1st Rolf Birnaschke episode)

     WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN (Mel Brooks Sitcom, “Quarantine” – DVD set)

     WHERE’S HUDDLES? (Cartoon sitcom, “Hotdog Hannah” and one other)

     WHERE’S RAYMOND/RAY BOLGER SHOW (Ray Bolger-Everybody Didn’t Love This Raymond-W/Cigarette Commercials – 5 episodes – a.k.a The Ray Bolger                        Show, including Xmas episode, “Where’s Tremont” and “Phony Drama                           School,” “Fashion Show” and “Man Of the Year”)

      WHERE THE ACTION IS (1 fuzzy ep w/o/c, 4 more direct from film)

      WHERE THERE’S SMOKEY (Soupy Sales sitcom pilot)

      WHEW! (Tom Kennedy game show w/o/c – 3 episodes, plus rare pilot ***pilot NOT FOR TRADE***)

      WHIRLYBIRDS (2 episodes “Prison Break” and “Missing Family”)

      WHO DO YOU TRUST? (Johnny Carson w/o/c, see “Do You Trust Your Wife.”)

      WHO GOES THERE? (Bizarre unsold pilot in which characters in a portrait come               to life – but only the children in the family can see them)

      WHO SAID THAT? (Game show)

      WHO’S WATCHING THE KIDS? (“Hit Man” – Jim Belushi/Scott Baio sitcom)

      WHO, WHAT OR WHERE GAME (Art James- fair quality – 1 ep)




WILD, WILD WEST (3 Episodes – 1 Color, 2 Black & White Including “Night The       Wizard Shook The Earth,” & ”Night of The Double-Edged Knife”)

WINCHELL/MAHONEY TIME (a daily fixture of my youth – 1 color full ep, 1 black     & white piece)

WILLY (June Havoc, Aaron Spelling, Charles Lane, Mary Treen 1954 sitcom from     Desilu – RARE!!!  One episode, debut episode called “First Case”)

WINDOW ON MAIN STREET (Robt. Young sitcom, pilot ep, “The Teacher,” & “Boy Who Laughed Too Much” “A Doctor Came to Town” & “Chambermaid” – 10 eps total including XMAS episode.)

WINGS (Several w/Tim Daly, Stephen Weber, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th seasons DVD)

WINKY DINK & YOU (Jack Barry Kid’s Show)

WINNER TAKE ALL (one w/Bill Cullen, one w/Barry Gray w/o/c – and two from     RADIO w/Bill Cullen/audio only)

WINNING STREAK (game show. No GSN logo/bug-entire episode intact, & 1st ep    AUDIO only)

WIN WITH THE STARS (Allen Ludden game show, 1 full show**not for trade,” with Carne & Bixby guesting, & 1 PIECE w/Ballard & Lynde guesting)

WINGO (extremely rare Bob Kennedy game show ***NOT FOR TRADE***)

WITCHCRAFT (W/Franchot Tone – pilot?)

WIZARD OF ODDS (video pilot, and final episode AUDIO only Alex Trebek game show ***not for trade***)

WIZARD OF OZ CARTOONS (from film transfer – nice quality, rare –                             Rankin/Bass)


WOMEN IN PRISON (80s sitcom, debut episode)

WONDER WOMAN (1 episode)        

WORDPLAY (with Tom Kennedy – 1st and last episodes)

WORDS ABOUT MUSIC (rare KNXT-TV Los Angeles Music panel show, announcer    is Tom Narz – later known as Tom Kennedy)       

WORDS AND MUSIC (Wink Martindale game, AUDIO of entire episode only)

WORKING STIFFS (Michael Keaton/Jim Belushi 3 Episodes, “Preview    Presentation,” “Looking for Mr. Goodwrench,” “Bank Robbery” – latter with Pee    Wee Herman)

WORST WEEK (debut episode)

WPIX-NEW YORK (40th Anniversary special, hosted by Tony Randall)

WYATT EARP (see “Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp”)



 YAHTZEE (Peter Marshall-tv’s most complicated game show)

 YANCY DERRINGER (3 Episodes, 2 W/Titles, “Fair Freebooter,” “A Bullet for             Bridget”)

YESTERDAY TODAY (Dreadful unsold sitcom pilot)

YES, YES NANETTE (a.k.a. “Westinghouse Playhouse,”a.k.a. “Nanette Fabray           show” – 5 Episodes, “Moth Trap,” “Planned Picnic”, “Those Golden Days,” “4     Pipes of Pan,” “Sweet Charity”-show had more titles than episodes, AND promo film/pilot?)

 YOU ASKED FOR IT (several w/Art Baker)

 YOU BET YOUR LIFE (Pilot & Others, “Say the Secret Woid”.  Groucho version &      **Bill Cosby Color remake** w/o/c, no closing credits &  Lost Groucho dvd      set, one Buddy Hackett hosted version)

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (Harry Morgan sitcom 1 ep)

YOU DON’T SAY (2 Black & White 1964, 2 Color 1969, 1 1967 w/Pat Carroll &         Mel Torme color & nice quality, – also 1964  Episode # 5 NOT yet in           c             circulation with Betty White & Barry Sullivan – end of first week on air,                  black & white nice quality,  also a 1975 episode w/Conny Van Dyke, and                one other w/o/c 11/18/78 + 2 AUDIO only from sixties version – just in 70s    version with slate & Conny Van Dyke, Dick Gautier, Charlie Brill, Elaine Joyce)

 YOU’LL NEVER GET RICH (a.k.a.” Phil Silvers Show” W/Camel Commercials – 1        episode has original title)

 YOU’RE IN THE PICTURE (1 Gleason game show, 1 apology episode both w/o/c      & with timing strip – the apology is the most amazing ½ half hour I’ve ever           seen!)


 YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION (1 nice ep w/Monty Hall hosting, another fuzzy              yellowed episode with Bill Leyden hosting – 2 total eps)

 YOUR HIT PARADE (Numerous, Including Xmas Show, Some W/Lucky Strike           Commercials)

YOUR NUMBER’S UP (game show, Nipsey Russell)

YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS (“10 From Your Show of Shows” special)

YOUR SURPRISE PACKAGE (Rare George Fenneman game show ***NOT FOR TRADE***)

YOURS FOR A SONG (Rare game show w/Bert Parks)


 ZANE GREY THEATER (not so much grey, but rather black and white)

 ZORRO (pre “Lost in Space,” stars Guy Williams, debut ep, “Presenting Zorro”)



*********“Now For My “Want List”*****************************


ACROSS THE BOARD (Game Show with Ted Brown)

ACTOR’S HOTEL (Early sitcom)


AGGIE (‘50s British sitcom, also “Adventures of Aggie”)

ALL’S FAIR (Richard Crenna & Bernadette Peters 70s sitcom – only have intro)


AMERICAN BANDSTAND (any episodes with black vocal/doowop groups like     Shep & Limelites, Jive Five, Dreamlovers, Dell-Vikings, Paradons, Marcels,

 Cellos, Heartbeats, Rivieras, etc – pre Beatles-pre 1964 wanted!! – Beechnut shows, too)


ANDERSON & COMPANY (pilot w/Abby Dalton & Fred Gwynne)

ANNA AND THE KING (only have pilot, want regular season eps)

ANNIVERSARY GAME (Have AUDIO copy only- want video)

ANOTHER DAY (short-lived David Groh sitcom, only have promo)


APPLE PIE (short-lived Rue McClanahan sitcom)

ART LABOE SHOW (I have Bobby Day ep.  Any more out there?)

BAFFLE (seeking later episodes called Celebrity Baffle)

BAILEYS OF BALBOA (episodes with Judy Carne, ONLY)

BEACHCOMBER BILL (sixties kid show)

BEAT THE ODDS (Johnny Gilbert version)


BEECHNUT SHOW (looking for rare episodes of this weekly music show)




BETTY HUTTON SHOW (“Goldie Meets Mike”)

BID AND BUY (Bert Parks game show)

BIG EDDIE (seventies sitcom w/Sherree North/Sheldon Leonard)



BOB NEWHART VARIETY SHOW (other episodes, besides one w/Fess Parker – Paley had ‘em.)

BONINO (live sitcom with Ezio Pinza – pilot episode exists in Paley Center)

BOSS LADY (Lynn Bari sitcom – exists in Museum of Radio & TV and UCLA)

BOWLING FOR DOLLARS (NY & L.A. version, 2 hosts)

BREAKING POINT (“Bird and Snake” episode with Robt. Redford)

BRINGING UP BUDDY (I have 5 eps, would love more)

BROTHERS (Gale Gordon fifties sitcom – UCLA has 1 episode, I especially want the Barbara Billingsley episodes)



CAN DO (game show)

CARA WILLIAMS SHOW (any ep besides “What TV Shows Does Your Dog   Watch?”)


CHAIN LETTER (Jan Murray game show – have black-and-white pilot. Any color eps out there? UCLA has one)

CHARLIE FARRELL SHOW (any ep with open & close intact – UCLA has)

CHICAGO TEDDY BEARS (pilot “A Cellar Full of Frogs”-very funny episode)




COED FEVER (CBS sitcom, only 1 episode aired, only have a piece)

CONCENTRATION (Ed MacMahon host)

COP AND THE KID (Charles Durning sitcom)

CORNER BAR (sitcom created by Alan King, exists in Paley Center)

DATE WITH JUDY (Pat Crowley OR Mary Linn Beller as Judy, Paley Center has 1)

DATING GAME (FIRST format, only 1966)


DICK & THE DUCHESS (fifties sitcom from UK – several in Paley Center)

DOC (Only have pilot – more eps of this funny MTM show have to exist!!!)

DOC CORKLE (short-lived fifties sitcom, Library of Congress has it)

DONALD O’CONNOR SHOW (musical semi-sitcom – aka “Here Comes Donald”)

DON KNOTTS SHOW (complete episode only)

DON RICKLES SHOW (CBS sitcom only, w/Louise Sorrell & Erin Moran)

DON’T CALL ME CHARLIE (have 4 episodes, want more)



DOWN YOU GO (Bill Cullen as host, only)

DREAM GIRL 1967 (1967 game show/pageant, Wink Martindale)

DUKE (1954 sitcom – 2 exist in UCLA film library)

DUMPLINGS (James Coco sitcom)

EARN YOUR VACATION (Johnny Carson’s 1st game show)

EASY ACES (one of TV’s first filmed sitcoms)

ED WYNN SHOW (his 1958 sitcom – have 1st episode, want more)

END OF THE RAINBOW (early Bob Barker game show, exists in UCLA film library)

  1. S. P. (Game show)

FAMILY GENIUS (short-lived DuMont sitcom)   

FANFARE (variety show w/Al Hirt)

FATHER OF THE BRIDE (Have 2 episodes, but want more)

FLATBUSH (short-lived CBS sitcom, cancelled because offensive to Italians)

FOR LOVE OR MONEY (Bill Nimmo game show)


FREE COUNTRY (Rob Reiner sitcom, need episode 1, I have the other 4)


FRIENDS (hour-long 1979 sitcom on ABC)

FUNNY SIDE (Gene Kelly seventies variety/comedy show)

GEORGE BURNS SHOW (I’d like entire run of the “sitcom” version, I have 3 eps)


GIRLS, THE (aka “Young & Gay,” very early sitcom)


GOLDEN WINDOWS (early soap opera)

GOVERNOR & JJ (have 17 episodes, want more, especially w/cigarette ads, + 2 audio only episodes)

GROOVY (Bandstand-esque show, need eps done in Palm Springs)

GROWING PAYNES (Dumont 1949, Paley Center has several)


GUESTWARD HO (Have numerous episodes, but want more)

HALLS OF IVY (I have 1 episode with laugh track, 1 without, want more)

HANGING IN (Bill Macy sitcom, ran 4 episodes)

HARRIS AGAINST THE WORLD (Jack Klugman sitcom)

HARRY’S GIRLS (seeking regular season (not pilot) episodes w/opening credits)

HARTMANS (early sitcom)

HARVEY KORMAN SHOW (short-lived ABC, erratically scheduled sitcom, only have promo)

HAVE A HEART (game show)

HEADMASTER (Andy Griffith/Jerry Van Dyke-only have CBS preview, Paley Center has debut episode)   

HEE HAW HONEYS (Kathie Lee Gifford sitcom)


HEY, LANDLORD (any WITH Sally Field)

HIZZONER (Mickey Deems NBC sitcom)

HOLIDAY LODGE (Any other eps besides “Never Hit A Stranger” Boxing ep? UCLA has some)

HOMER BELL (aka “His Honor, Homer Bell”)

HONESTLY CELESTE (Celeste Holm sitcom)

HOOFER (pilot w/Soupy Sales/Donald O’Connor/Jackie Coogan)


HOT L BALTIMORE (Paley has it)

HOW DO YOU RATE? (Game show measuring aptitude w/ Tom Reddy – Paley has it)       

I’LL BUY THAT (Rare Mike Wallace Game Show, only have promos)

IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT (Joe Flynn version) 

IT PAYS TO BE MARRIED (game show)   

IT’S A BUSINESS (Dorothy Loudon/Leo DeLyon sitcom, live)

IT’S ALWAYS JAN (have two episodes – are there more out there?)

IT’S YOUR BET (any ep w/either Lyle Waggoner or Dick Gautier hosting)

IVAN THE TERRIBLE (short-lived CBS sitcom filmed in NYC)

JAN MURRAY’S CHARGE ACCOUNT (game show-“Jan Murray Show”)

JEAN ARTHUR SHOW (Any besides “Rooster” episode?? – UCLA has pilot)

JEAN CARROLL SHOW (aka “Take It from Me” sitcom)


JOE & SONS (Jerry Stiller sitcom from the 70’s)


JOEY & DAD (Variety show-the Heatherton family)

JOEY BISHOP SHOW (1963 ill-timed unaired episode about JFK???)

JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW (sixties variety COLOR episodes)


JOHN BYNER SHOW (summer variety show)

 KALLIKAKS (Sitcom w/Edie McClurg)

 KAREN (ONLY with original “90 Bristol Court” open & close)


 KEEP TALKING (great Carl Reiner & Merv game show, exists in Paley)

 KENTUCKY JONES (Dennis James sitcom – some have laugh tracks)


 LAST RESORT (short-lived MTM CBS sitcom – have 1 ep, want more)            

 LAYTONS (early sitcom – exists??)

 LEAVE IT TO LARRY (fifties sitcom)


 LET’S MAKE A DEAL (NBC episodes only)


 LET’S SEE (game show)

 LETTERS PAY (game show 1967, NYC)   

 LET THERE BE STARS (1949 variety show with a young Peter Marshall, Paley      has)

 LOVE NEST (sitcom – Charles Lane/Florida Friebus pilot)

 LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT (short-lived Susan Dey sitcom)

 LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (BET showed these – need ANY eps)

 LUCKY PARTNERS (game show)

 MAC DAVIS SHOW (variety, NBC seventies)


 MAKE A FACE (game show)

 MAMA ROSA (UCLA has them)

 MARGE & GOWER CHAMPION SHOW (sitcom – exists in Paley)

 MARGE & JEFF (rare Dumont show, Paley Center has it, UCLA too)

 MARRIAGE (Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy sitcom-Paley Center has it)

 MARY KAY & JOHNNY (15 min long late 40s sitcom starring Stearns family, Paley has one)

 MATCH GAME (60’s version with sports stars Wills, Mays, Ford, Garagiola)

 MAYOR OF THE TOWN (any with Natalie Wood)


 MEET CORLISS ARCHER (Lugene Sanders version only)

 MEMORY GAME (Joe Garagiola game show, May 1971 my aunt Pat was on it. – I    have AUDIO only, video exists in UCLA film library in unviewable format)

 MENASHA, THE MAGNIFICENT (early, live sitcom, exists???)

 MIDWAY (rare game show set in Palisades Park, NJ)

 MISSING LINKS (Ed McMahon version)

 MISS WINSLOW AND SON (Darleen Carr sitcom)

 MISTER SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (have 2 episodes, want more)

 MISTER TERRIFIC (any episode WITH original commercials)

 MONA MCCLUSKEY (ANY except “All Dough & No Place to Go” episode)

 MONEYMAKERS (Syndicated sixties game show -I Have ONE episode as “Bingo      At Home”-Jim Perry hosts)

MONTEFUSCOS (seventies sitcom – only 4 aired)

 MOVIE GAME (episode on which Buddy Hackett reveals the show is a fraud, that it is impossible to get 250 points and win the grand prize.  I saw it and still           can’t believe it was ever allowed to air.)

 MUSIC SHOP (short-lived fifties rock & roll prime time show)

 MY FRIEND, IRMA (early episodes without Mary Shipp)

 MY LIVING DOLL (More than the eleven in circulation??? Have DVD set)

 MY SON, JEEP (fifties sitcom, Library of Congress has one)

 NAME THAT TUNE (Bill Cullen version – exists in UCLA film library)

 NANCY (have a few eps, would love more)


 NEEDLES & PINS (only have show’s open, Norman Fell & Louis Nye, Paley has     pilot)

 NEW KIND OF FAMILY (short-lived Eileen Brennan sitcom – 2 formats)


OFF THE RECORD (early DuMont sitcom starring Zero Mostel)     

OH, THOSE BELLS (“The Camping Trip”)

ONE HAPPY FAMILY (I have 2 episodes, would love more)

100 GRAND (ABC game show, cancelled after 3 episodes – only have audiotape        of this show)

ONE IN A MILLION (Shirley Hemphill show, Paley Center has several)


PANCAKE MAN (NYC sixties kid show, a long IHOP commercial)

PAPA CELLINI (early sitcom)

PAUL LYNDE SHOW (“No Nudes Is Good Nudes”-very different from “Bare             Facts”-UCLA has it)

 P.D.Q. (love this game show.  Any eps besides pilot in existence???)

 PEOPLE WILL TALK (game show)

 PETE & GLADYS (“The Great Stone Face/Skin Deep”)

 PETER LIND HAYES SHOW (1951 sitcom)

 PICTURE THIS (Game Show hosted by Jerry Van Dyke)

 PIXANNE (NYC kid’s show)

 PLEASE STAND BY (Elinor Donahue/Richard Schaal syndicated sitcom)

 POPI (seventies sitcom cancelled after 4 episodes)

 PROFESSIONAL FATHER (any eps besides “Fishing” ep in existence??)

 QUEEN AND I (Billy DeWolfe/Larry Storch sitcom, UCLA has pilot)

 REACH FOR THE STARS (game show-exists in Paley Center)

 RUNAROUND (Paul Winchell kid’s game show)

 SALE OF THE CENTURY (game show – both Jack Kelly & Joe Garagiola versions –     only have AUDIO of a Kelly episode)

 SALLY (Joan Caulfield sitcom, have 1 episode from 1st format, need 1 from 2nd)

SAN PEDRO BEACH BUMS (short-lived ABC hour-long sitcom w/Stu Pankin)

 SAY WHEN (color episodes)

SEMI TOUGH (sitcom)

SHOWDOWN (Joe Pyne game show – influenced “Russian Roulette” with                 contestants falling through the floor with a wrong answer)

 SIROTA’S COURT (sitcom, only have show’s open on video and one full audio episode-Michael Constantine, several episodes exist at PALEY Center)

 SNAP JUDGMENT (Ed MacMahon game show, had 2 formats)

 SNIP (only aired in Australia – David Brenner sitcom banned in US, in PALEY)

 SPINOFF (Jim Lange game show – only have promo for the show)

 STAGE SHOW (with guests, The Colts R & B vocal group)

 STEVE ALLEN WESTINGHOUSE SHOW (have a few, would love to find more)

 SUNSHINE (short-lived dramedy based upon the movie, with Billy Mumy)

 SUPER (sitcom with Richard S. Castellano)               

 SURVIVORS (1970 Lana Turner series)

 TAB HUNTER SHOW (have 3 eps, would love more)

 TAKE A GUESS (panel game show)

 TAMMY GRIMES SHOW (“Diamonds are a Bird’s Best Friend”)

 TELL IT TO THE CAMERA (Red Rowe show)

 THAT’S LIFE (Robert Morse/EJ Peaker – only have a promo for this show)

 THAT’S MY BOY (fifties sitcom)               


 THAT WONDERFUL GUY (Jack Lemmon 1949 series)

 THICKER THAN WATER (the US version with Richard Long – only have pilot)


 THOSE WHITING GIRLS (have 3 episodes, would like more)

 TIM CONWAY SHOW (ep of sitcom with Joe Flynn with guest Ron Masak)

 TIME WILL TELL (game show)

 TOAST OF THE TOWN (shows from 06/04/50, 03/30/52, 04/27/52, 11/09/52, 04/12/53, 09/01/57 appearances by the Deep River Boys, Steve Gibson & Red Caps, Dominoes, Delta Rhythm Boys, Ravens, Rays)

 TOM, DICK & MARY (Sitcom)

 TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY (fifties sitcom – exists UCLA and PALEY)

 TOP DOLLAR (Game Show, Exists in Museum of Radio & TV)

 TOUCH OF GRACE (Shirley Booth/J. Pat O’Malley sitcom, exists in Chicago             TV Museum & UCLA film library)

 TURN ON (only one episode ever aired-like LAUGH-IN on acid, Museum of Radio    & TV has it-other eps were made but not aired)                                 

 TWO GIRLS NAMED SMITH (have 1 ep, would love to find more)

 TYCOON (short-lived Walter Brennan 60’s sitcom-only have promo for show, UCLA has many)

 VIVA VALDEZ (only have opening credits)

 WAVERLY WONDERS (dreadful Joe Namath sitcom)

 WEDDING PARTY (game show)

 WE’LL GET BY (funny show with Paul Sorvino, created by Alan Alda)

 WESLEY (early sitcom)

 WE’VE GOT EACH OTHER (Short-lived MTM sitcom, Paley has them)


 WHAT’S IT FOR? (50’s prime time game show)

 WHAT’S MY NAME? (Paul Winchell game show)

 WHEN YOU’RE HOT YOU’RE HOT (Jerry Reed variety show)

 WHO DO YOU TRUST? (Johnny Carson’s final episode-announces he’s going to       The Tonight Show, & any with replacement, Woody Woodbury)                                                    WHO’S THE BOSS? (Game show, NOT that horrible sitcom)

  WHO, WHAT OR WHERE GAME (Any other episodes out there?? – have 1)

  WHY? (Game show)

  WILLY (have debut episode of this early Desilu sitcom – want more, especially                2nd format)

  WINDOW SHOPPING (game show)

  WIN WITH A WINNER (game show)

  WOMAN WITH A PAST (fifties soap)

  WONDERFUL JOHN ACTON (have pilot, want more)


  WORD FOR WORD (game show hosted by Merv)

  WORDS AND MUSIC (Wink Martindale game show – I have AUDIO only)

  WORLD OF MR. SWEENEY (early sitcom)

  WREN’S NEST (1 15-minute episode exists in UCLA film library)

  YEAR AT THE TOP (Paul Shaffer/Greg Evigan sitcom)

  YOU BET YOUR LIFE (Buddy Hackett version)

  YOU DON’T SAY (want to find more sixties episodes-have 5, & 2 others audio only)

  YOUNG MR. BOBBIN (early Jackie Kelk sitcom, a precursor to Bringing up                                              Buddy)

  YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN (Game Show, Exists in Museum of TV and Radio)

  YOU’RE PUTTING ME ON (game show w/Bill Leyden, Larry Blyden, Ron Huson,         pilot exists in Museum of Radio & TV)



********Newest Acquisitions********

Joe’s World

Here Comes Melinda


Here Comes Donald (The Donald O’Connor Show 1955, sitcom)

Jan Murray’s Charge Account (audio only, final episode)


Checking In

Your Surprise Package



Dough Re Mi

Chain Letter

Ball Four

In the Beginning

Les Crane Show

Rebus Game

Wizard of Odds pilot

New Treasure Hunt pilot

Good Time Harry

Six O’Clock Follies

Sanchez of Bel-Air

Isabel Sanford’s Honeymoon Hotel

Private Secretary with original open and close

Phyl and Mikhy – 5 of the 6 episodes

Love that Jill (2 with original opening & closing credits – not for trade)

Better Days (rare 80s sitcom)

Goodtime Girls (rare debut episode)

Report to Murphy (rare Michael Keaton sitcom)

Love and Marriage (1959 NBC sitcom, not for trade – “super rare”)

To Say the Least (over 30 episodes w/o/c)

1977 Family Feud w/o/c

Time Express – rare final episode 1979

Fair Exchange – two ultra rare ½ hour episodes from film

It’s Always Jan – rare 11/12/55 episode from film

Adam’s Rib – rare “Separate Vacations” episode from film

Flatbush Avenue J – rare pilot. For want list items

Governor and JJ – 7 more episodes for total of 17 – rare!

Sweepstakes – 2 rare episodes for want list items

Busting Loose – MOST episodes for want list items only

Walkin’ Walter – rare 70s pilot for want list items only

Cass Malloy – She’s the Sheriff rare pilot for want list items only

Lovebirds – rare 70s pilot for want list items only

The Rita Moreno Show pilot for want list items only

Makin’ It – four ultra rare episodes not in circulation for want list items only

She’s the Sheriff – most episodes

New Odd Couple – rare “Hustlers” episode

Betty Hutton Show – debut episode

Yes, Yes, Nanette – promotional video

Dear Phoebe – debut episode

Free Country – 4 of the 5 episodes

Don’t Call Me Charlie (“Lorenzo Johnson, DMV Retired” – final episode of series and “No Vacancy”, ep # 2 – rare)

Paris 7000 (rare George Hamilton series)

Ted Knight Show (CBS) – 3 rare episodes, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Stanley – 12 extremely rare kinescopes, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Busting Loose (CBS Adam Arkin) – 1 video episode, rare, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Struck By Lightning – all 3 aired episodes, rare, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Life With Father – rare, “Father Goes to the Opera” episode, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Bringing up Buddy – rare “Buddy and the Amazon” episode with Lee Meriwether for WANT


Halls of Ivy – “11th Commandment” episode – rare, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Grady – “driving test” episode

Wonderful John Acton – rare kinescope show, for WANT LIST ITEMS ONLY

Roll Out – 4 rare regular season episodes, and pilot, too

Harrigan and Son – pilot episode (Jr. Joins the law firm)

Going My Way – DVD box set

Hazel – season 2 box set DVD

Rachel Gunn, RN (2 episodes)

Ellen Burstyn Show (2 episodes)

That was the Week That Was (UK 1963)

Man in the Family (1 episode)

From A Bird’s Eye View – all episodes

My Son Jeep (audio episodes ONLY)

Shirley’s World – all episodes

Tammy – all episodes

Mr. Terrific – all episodes

Pistols and Petticoats – 17 episode box set


13 Queens Blvd. – 4 episodes of this short-lived Eileen Brennan/Jerry Van Dyke sitcom

Dorothy – short-lived Dorothy Loudon sitcom – all 4 episodes

Mr. T & Tina – lousy Pat Morita sitcom – 1 rare episode

Turnabout – short-lived bizarre sitcom – 3 more episodes

Mel & Susan Together – short-lived 70s variety show with MMMel Tillis & Susan Anton

Dennis the Menace – all 4 season box sets

Patty Duke Show season 3 boxset

Mothers-In-Law boxset

Courtship of Eddie’s Father – season 1 boxset

Father Knows Best – season 5 & 6 boxset – with 2 more Window on Main Street eps

Lucy Show season 4 and 5 boxset

That Girl In Wonderland – cartoon 1973 based on Marlo series

Wizard Of Oz cartoons – Rankin Bass 1961

$25K Pyramid – Bill Cullen eps – 2 just came in

Crosswits – full episode of Jack Clark game show

It Could Be You – Bill Leyden game show with timing strip & guest Buster Keaton

You Don’t Say – with slate & guests Conny Van Dyke, Nipsey, Gautier & Brill.

Concentration – final NBC Daytime Original episode w/Bob Clayton

Howdy Doody box set

Car 54 Where Are You season 1 & 2 box set

Donna Reed Show season 4 box set

I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster Volume 1 box set

Mannix season 1

Criminal Minds season 1

Fall Guy season 1

Red Hand Gang box set

Laverne and Shirley season 1

Get Smart season 5



****TV SHOW COMIC BOOKS I HAVE (need any sitcoms NOT on list below –


I have:



























GOVERNOR & JJ (have all 3)
























JETSONS (several)